Memories of a hurse hung pal Part III

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    stanbak: Part III

    He then stood up and with his hand lowered his giant meat into position. He was rubbing his massive cock head between her vaginal lips as she was begging him to enter her. From my angle I could see his huge head starting to part her lips and stretch them tight as he slowly slid the first part of his head inside. She was moaning and gasping things like “Oh god! It’s so HUGE!” “Oh God, go slow, go slow ... Yes, Yes” Soon he had his entire massive head inside and he thrust it in a little more-producing a huge gasp and small cry from her. He let he calm down and then began with short, slow strokes. She started to go wild! She was moaning things like “Oh god! That it SO incredible” among many moans of pleasure between gasps for air. He was only probably stroking in and out about four or five inches as he began to stroke more forcefully and quickly. Her moaning got louder, then she started with some little screams of pleasure as he continued to increase the pace. She started arching her back more and grinding her hips a little as she clutched the bed sheets and was obviously quickly moving to a climax. I was shocked! He was only in four or five inches, stretching her out for much more to come, and already she was bursting with pleasure. I noticed her nipples looked as if they were about to pop off they were so engorged and erect. Then she started one long moaning scream followed multiple cries of “Yes! Yes! Yes!” for what seemed to me a long time as she thrashed about and gripped the sheets tightly. That was all I could take, and spilled my second little load all over my hand. I could not believe my friend could keep form cumming since he was actually fucking this incredible girl!

    As she finally started to come down from her huge orgasm, I saw my friend suddenly push his cock in several more inches, and she suddenly arched her back sharply and gasped something like “Oh god! You are SO HUGE and SO HARD Please DON’T stop!” If I had not just cum I am sure I would have when she uttered that phrase! (Knowing I would never hear those words directed at me, LOL, that lucky bastard!) I had often wondered if being so huge my friend would need to use lots of lubricant when he was with a girl, but from the angle I was watching I could see that she was incredibly juicy wet and so far there was no lack of lubrication. Now he was really getting into it, with strokes probably seven inches deep now, and it was obvious he was enjoying it-apparently Danielle’s pussy was as awesome as the rest of her body! I could also hardly believe that she was already rapidly building to another orgasm! But sure enough, only a few minutes had gone by when her screaming and tossing her head form side to side suddenly magnified followed by multiple spasms of pleasure that I swear went on for two minutes!. As she finally relaxed from her multiple climaxes, I saw my friend end a deep stroke and then push in about an inch further until now he only had a couple of inches left outside her engorged stretched pussy lips. Now he really started to get down to business, and was making these long, deep thrusts with his huge cock driving its heavy mass into her pussy, which I imagined was stretching with pleasure it like it had never felt before.

    This incredible scene continued for about twenty more minutes as he continued to plow into her gorgeous pussy while she had climax after massive climax and he slowly built toward what I decided must be a huge orgasm. Finally he started to moan and grunt very loudly as she started begging him to cum inside her. He suddenly grabbed the sides of her ass with his hands and lifted her hips off the bed as he ground extra deep strokes into her. I expected he was cumming in massive jets inside her, but what really shocked me was that his orgasm lasted so long- many more times the length of mine. Then I saw another thing I could hardly believe, as he was finishing his climactic strokes cum started to squeeze out the sides of her pussy lips around his cock, and then almost pour out on his back strokes. Finally, he pulled out and emptied the last contents of his massive balls with two final thick spurts from his giant cock onto her tanned tummy. Their volume alone was easily as much as my entire cum from a climax. I was stunned!

    She was now looking on with awe at his incredible physique and equipment as she exclaimed again and again how amazing and wonderful it had been. She looked even more sexy to me than before, with her skin glistening with perspiration and her hair tussled form all the orgasmic thrashing she had done. She was staring as his huge meat, which now was slick with her juices and his cum, but then I noticed the same thing she did: that he looked even bigger that before he had fucked her! And he was not losing his hard-on at all! She started begging for more when he sat her up on the bed and said “Sure, I plan on enjoying your pussy a lot more tonight, but first you are going to pleasure me a little.” He went over to the bedside table and pulled out a small towel and a small bottle and wiped his cock off a little. Then, he moved in close so that his cock was right in front of her face again, and her lips and tongue seemed drawn to his massive head again. She made some apology, but that he he was just too big for her mouth, but he said that was alright, but this time he took her plump breasts and wrapped them around his shaft. She got the picture and held them in place with her hands and started to slowly slide them up and down his shaft while she kissed and licked his head and its flared underside.

    I saw her look up with her big blue eyes for feedback, and he encouraged her to just keep going the way she was and do what felt good. My eyes were bugging out as I saw her rub those perfect big orbs along his engorged shaft while her thick lips and tongue slid all over his wide head. Occasionally he would pour some of the bottled lubricant down between her breasts. He was starting to really get some pleasure when she slid her hands down-but kept her upper arms squeezing her tits around his shaft-and took one huge heavy ball in each hand and started softly massaging them. She kept this up for a long time-I could not believe he had not climaxed, as I know I would have spilled my load after ten seconds! LOL- and was really trying to pleasure him and make him cum, but he was obviously drawing his pleasure out maximally. She kept this up for a long time when he finally began to really moan, tense his muscles and cast his head back. Now she took the bottle with one hand and squirted a bunch more lube on his shaft and began working him as fast as she could. Her thick luscious lips were capped around the top half of his head (that seemed to be all she could stuff inside) and she was swirling her tongue around in circles. I know it sounds crazy, but even from my distance it seemed like his cock got even larger as he was heading past the point of no return. He let out a string of loud moans and then I saw her eyes bug out as cum started seeping out from between her lips and his head. Her mouth was obviously overwhelmed by the sheer volume of his cum jets, as tons of semen stared to pour from her lips over his cock while she still tried to suck it. Finally, she gave up and pulled her head back just in time for me to see several huge, long thick ropes of cum go rocketing out! Like before, he kept this up way longer than I thought a man could (or should, that lucky bastard!) before he finally was just bubbling spurts of semen out.

    He was moaning thankfully as she collapsed back on the bed after her effort. He climbed onto the bed next to her and rested a while also while I tried to take in all that I had seen sp far. I figured the show, as unbelievable as it had been, was over for at least a while. But then started to play with her tits and pussy again. She reached down and suddenly exclaimed in disbelief” You’re as hard as ever!” I could not believe it either. He was STILL rock hard and big as a fuckin fence post! He smiled broadly and said something like “I told you if you did a good job pleasuring me I would reward you,” followed by a confident laugh. He rolled her over and ...

    Part IV follows
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