Men that wants to look like a woman(as fantasy)

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by pespolpolpen, Sep 9, 2009.

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    Sometimes i imagine that i am a woman having sex with a man and it sounds very hot to me then. I'm totally not gay i do not find any men or any parts of his body attractive when he is alone. i mean i only find some cocks hot when a hot woman is sucking it. I find sucking cocks hot and the idea makes me horny. But i also find men sucking cocks very discusting. Also i don't imagine a male ass or specific man i imagine that i am woman and im having sex with a man. I find this idea sometimes very sexy. Also i can't even think kissing a man anyway. just getting fucked and desire to suck. Is it something familiar or am i too strange? is there a name for this?

    I'm a casual %100 straight man everytime at sex and social life and in style btw.
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    Simple. You are a lesbian trapped in a man's body. Happens all the time.
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    Then, the 1% to the left is for your fantasy?

    Um, yes, any man with a desire to be fucked by a man and to suck his cock is gay. Fantasizing about having sex with men is the sure fire way to know that you are gay. :rolleyes: Unless you re-phrase the entire paragraph you wrote, it does not sound strange, just that you don't know how to cohesively put your thoughts down, are extremely confused *or* you could be what BlueBiker said, seriously. The part I quoted here is what makes all the "I am not gay" stuff you say before a huge contradiction. There may also be some cross-dressing elements to it. You have a lot of work, i.e., experimentation, to do.
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