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    Danny was a real treat,we had met a little over a year ago and had been
    getting together now and then ever since.Now, I know guy's are always
    bragging about some guy they had been with or themselves having a big
    dick,but Danny is for real,believe me.
    Before meeting him the largest cock I had enjoyed or ever seen,except in
    pictures was eight inches,but this lad had that much hanging between his
    thighs when it was still soft.

    It was not just that he had such a cock,he knew full well how to use it and
    really excite a guy.I know he had never failed to send me over the edge and
    even though my ass was sore for three day's afterwards I loved it.
    We usually spent at least a night togther and some times a whole week end,it
    seem like I could never get enough of this guy.

    The fact that he was married bothered me at first and I almost passed when
    he invited me to his home one week end,I'm glad now that I didn't.
    He has one of the sweetest but nieve wives I have ever met,I believe I fell
    in love with her at first sight.
    Holly was timid but very sexy,not only in looks but in her actions as well.

    I remember asking Danny why in the hell he was out fucking guy's when he had
    that at home.
    "I enjoy both worlds,"He said,smiling.
    The second time I was at their house his dad called and needed him to come
    over,he excused himself ,then before going out the door he smiled at Holly
    saying."Entertain him honey."

    We talked a few minutes but it was almost one sided because I had to carry
    all the conversation.
    Then out of the blue she said,"I know what he does."
    "Who,Danny?"I said.
    "Yes,I know he likes aother men."She said,hanging ger head as a smile
    crossed her lips.

    "Does that bother you Holly?"
    "No,not really,has he been with you?"
    I had just taken a swig of beer and damm near choked.
    "It's ok Carl,I was sure he had,so I know he did it to you,he doesn't go the
    other way.Did you like it?"

    "Damm Holly,you make it rough on a guy."I said,shaking my head as I smiled
    at her.
    "Like I said,I'm ok with it,I know I really enjoy it when he does it to
    me.Would you like to do it to me Carl?"
    "Your telling me it's ok?What about Danny?"
    "Danny won't mind,in fact he might want to watch us do it sometime,that is
    if your ok with it,would you like to?"

    "Well yeah,hell who wouldn't."I said ,standing.
    "Well,some of the guys don't care for sex with a woman."She smiled.
    She stood as I took her in my arms and kissed her full,soft lips as her
    tongue naked inside my mouth.This girl might be a slow talker but she sure
    moved with her actions.
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    Jun 25, 2007
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    I felt her hands undoing my belt and zipper then slips them along with my
    shorts over my hips as they fell to the floor,my raging cock spring upward.
    In return I lifted her shirt up over her head,she was not wearing a bra and
    her firm rounded breasts bounced while the nipples became hard.Needless to
    say I smapled them at once as I slipped my hand down the front of her short

    She had the softest muff,nicely cropped under my hand as I felt the warmth
    of her pussy.
    Now I have to tell you up front that i am a piss freak and the vision of
    warm golden piss flowing from her cunt into my mouth flashed through my mind
    as we kissed.
    I minute later we were both naked and in the bed room on the bed as she
    smiled up at me with that sexy smile as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

    "Are you hungry Carl?"She whispered.
    "If I wasn't you would sure make me that way sugar,damm your sexy."
    "Your welcome to eat all you want,if you know what I mean."She said,smiling
    up at me.
    Kissing my way down her body I kissed each nippled,licked her belly all the
    way down to her treaure,parted the swollen lips and ran my tongue up and
    down her wet slit.

    An involuntary shiver ran through me as the taste of her registered in my
    mind.Her hands gently held my head as her legs locked around my neck,her ass
    rising up and down ever so slowly against my mouth.
    Her juices were flowing as I tongued and sucked her cunt,teasing her clit
    with the tip of my tongue.
    I remember thinking that I could eat this all night long and the hell with
    fucking it.

    I could hear a rusling sound behind me,then hands caressing the cheeks of my
    "You two look very inviting."Danny said.
    Wet lips kissed the cheeks of my ass then a warm wet tongue made it's way
    up and down my crack.
    "Damm Carl,you should have been born a woman with an ass like yours."He

    Holly was smiling down at me a she continued to hunch her mound to my mouth.
    Danny came from behind me getting on the bed on his knees as he offered his
    cock to Holly and she took him beyeen her pretty lips,sucking eagerly.
    I could feel her pussy begining to throb under my yongue as she moaned
    softly,her mouth full of Danny's big dick.

    Danny had a handful of her hair as he face fucked her,kneading her tit's as
    she sucked his dick.
    Her body stiffened as she raised her ass holing it against my mouth and
    I had but one wish at the time,that i could bottle this stuff so I could
    drink it at will.
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    Jun 25, 2007
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    Danny held her head as he filled her pretty mouth with his smooth creamy cum
    then removed his cock before standing up smiling.
    When I raised up he smiled at me as he said,
    "Kiss her Carl."
    Moving up I lay on top of her,found her lips and had a pleasant surprise as
    she spit Danny's cum in my mouth,sharing it with me.
    "She love's doing that."he said,laughing.

    "Why don't you wash it down for him love."He said.
    Holly stood up and spread her legs open as she held the lips of her pussy
    As I knelt between them I could see the shiny,wet pink flesh unside before
    placing my mouth over her slit.I was soon rewarded with a mouthful of warm
    piss and swallowed,my head begining to spin from the taste of her necter.

    Danny held her chin with one hand as they kissed while she fed me all of her
    sweet piss,empting her bladder.
    When they had finished he had me lay on the bed as he knelt between my legs
    and lifted mine telling me to hold them up as he guided his cock between my
    cheeks,found my rose bud and entered me slowly.
    Holly stood watching as his cock disappeared up my male cunt.

    As Danny held me by the ankles and pumped his big cock in and out of my ass
    Holly sat on my chest then raised her ass setting it down on my mouth as her
    and Danny kissed.I loved the taste of her sexy ass as I worked my tongue
    inside,reamming her enner walls.
    I loved the way she moved her ass back and forth as I tongue fucked it.

    Danny always sent me in orbit as his cock seemed to always find places in
    there that had never been touched before and this time was no exception.My
    mind was spining out of control now as I felt his cock working my ass over.
    I could hear them taking but it was like I was in another world.
    "Do you think he would?"Holly asked.
    "I don't really know,you could try and see what happens."Danny said.

    I could feel pressure against my tongue as my mind seemed to be
    saying,stop,move away.
    When it touched my lips I moved my head sideways quickly.
    "Guess not."Holly laughed."I should have waited longer."
    Holly turned placing her pussy where her ass had been,as she parted it's
    lips pressing the wet inside of her pussy to my mouth.

    Danny rammed in hard as he shot his load deep inside my bowels just as Holly
    filled my mouth with her warm piss again.
    Afterwards the three of us showered together and I noticed Holy kept smiling
    at me all the time we were in the shower.
    When I finally left I knew I would have to be very careful with these two in
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