Miixed Signals?

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    So i have this friend. We've been friends since the second grade, but never like great friends or anything like that. I've spent the night a number of times, and we hang out from time to time, but we aren't too close. He's a jock, both a football player and a wrestler, so he has a really fit body.

    Now, i've seen his package a number of times. The first time was all the way back in eight grade, when a girl came over to my house with me and him. We were sitting in my room, and she asked if he had a big cock. he said that he did, but she said she didn't believe him. So he stoodup, and dropped his pants. He must have hit puberty pretty young, because i remember thinking about how big he was at the time. i've seen him naked a few other times, but its beside the point.

    He always sends me weird signals. On one hand, he says hes a homophobe, but on the other, he graps my butt, and even laid on top of me one time, his crotch rested on my butt for like thirty minutes. He always makes homosexualish jokes towards me (btw, he has no idea i'm in a bi/experimental stage). Like the other day, we were going to the costume room at our school, which is way out of the way, where no one ever goes. anyway, as we get inside it, he goes, "ya know, we could fuck in here." and he didn't say it with a grin or totally jokingly. It was like a half joke that there was some truth to.

    So what do you think? Do you think I'm just letting my imagination go wild? (because i do have a slight crush on him), or do you think there's some bi-curiousness there?
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    I think only you know him well enough and are around him well enough to make that judgement. You should probably joke back, a lot more, and see if he acts more on your signals. Other than that, don't do anything too out of your character that could make things awkward in case it was all in your head.
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