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    I have been perusing and enjoying this site for a couple of years, and have been researching various types of PE even longer. I even started a Jelqing club at Yahoo after receiving the "How To" tape from Mkeycrash if any members recall him back in the day. What I sadly discovered, whether it was for lack of dedication or that maybe the technique was just not for me, nothing seemed to work. And by nothing I really mean jelqing/stretching/pumping etc., though I'm bringing the pump back. I personally (being the struggling actor I am) was never at a comfortable financial point to purchase one of the extender kits, so my experience has been very limited. The only pills I've used have been basically OTC erection pills, but due to my high blood pressure those had to stop because of intense headaches, though I was very happy with the results.

    But I digress. I am beginning a new PE routine that I intend to document here and on my Xtube account. And I hopefully I won't be too ridiculed for certain elements of it.

    First and foremost is weight loss, with my overall goal being 60 pounds. I'm currently 250, and from my doctor, Hollywood demands, and various health websites I've researched, 190/200 is going to be my ideal weight for my 6' height. I've already started walking 3 miles every morning with a friend, and I'll be heading into my fourth week of the P90X program on Monday, where I am following the "Classic" routine for those who are familiar with it. I have to say two early benefits are the lack of headaches I would experience almost daily from high blood pressure and much better sleeping patterns.

    The bonus prize would be finding an increase of my current size which is 5", though I'll be taking new measurements and pics this weekend. I saw on anther thread that with every 30 pounds of extra body weight, there is a loss of 1/4" to 1/2" of solid penetrating penis (please correct me if I have the numbers wrong), and I would ecstatic to discover I'm actually able to come out at closer to 6".

    But 6" is not what we're here for, right? The weight loss is the "Body" element of my thread title. The "Mind" element will be the use of two mental programs for PE. One is a guided imagery program that I have used off an on, but again, lack of dedication plagued me many times. My plan is to correlate the audio physical workout program. One can't happen without the other.

    When I did use the program on a less consistent basis in the past, I became consciously aware of having more erections throughout the day, so I feel there is some evidence to warrant the idea and success behind it. I also plan to use the pump gently when I am listening to the audio programs.

    I have a second program that is used subliminally. I can play the audio while I'm working during the day and no one will know. There is even a "silent" track that I let play in one ear while I'm walking in the morning.

    One other element I'll be watching intently is the Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix procedure mentioned on another thread.

    I will do my best to document this journey, and we'll see where it will take me. My ultimate goal is to enjoy the "Large Penis Support Group" because I WILL have a large penis!
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