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Discussion in 'Relationships, Discrimination, and Jealousy' started by RamIt, Jul 1, 2008.

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    So, I meet this girl. She is attractive and smart, and she seems into me. I help her move into a new place, and we hang out a couple times. We didnt have sex, but not because of my lack of want.

    I own my own business, and I am overwhelmed for a week or a little more, and dont have time to see her. She takes it as a sign I dont like her, or I am just too busy to give her the attention she deserves. The following monday, I ask her if she wants to get together, but she says she is busy that night, so we make a date for the following night. She confesses that she has date with another guy, and that is why she is busy.

    I cancel the date for the next day, saying I wont take second place to another man, and I wont fight over a woman playing games with me.

    We hang out a week later, and she confesses to sleeping with this other guy, and I am taken aback. For as long as she knew me, and as much as she liked me, she wouldnt sleep with me, but she got down with this other guy in no time. When I tell her I never want to see her again, she goes crazy. She wont stop texting or calling, telling me about how she wished it was me, and she wanted me to see how I could lose her and spend more time with her. She didnt want to lose me completely over this, and she swears she thought about me when she was with him, and she only wanted to see if I would fight for what we had together.

    I was never in "friend" territory. The sexual chemistry was there, without a doubt, but I knew she was guarding herself against me, for fear of me hurting her.

    Am I wrong for droppping her completely? Is this sort of mind-terrorism acceptable female behavior? Or am I right in thinking she is a total menipulator head case, and I am lucky to know that now?

    Even typing my story out, and being more than fair to her in it, only adds fuel to my misogynistic fire.
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    Misogyny implies that you hate women in general, and I don't believe that's the case...at least not from your telling of this.

    In answer to your question...I think you're spot on. I never had any patience for such sophomoric bullshit. She played her game and it blew up in her face. If you go back, then you're reinforcing and enabling her behavior...and you'll deserve everything you get.
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