Miner Disaster

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    Has anyone heard about that terrible mining accident in Utah?All I can say is god bless them.I can't believe this is happening again.I mean just last year the Sago mine nightmare began and the family was misinformed that their loved ones were still alive.Only to later discover that there had been some kind of miscommunication and sadly that their loved ones had died.Thankfully one person survived.Eerily enough though a lone survivor who is a also a male like the lone survivor of the Sago mine disaster survived also.I can see a few similarities to both accidents:families getting the wrong information,unsafe mine,time to reach them taking longer than expected,one male survivor in Sago.God willing more than one survivor in this incident since they are not sure if they are alive or not.I won't give up hope and I won't stop praying for them,their families,that town,and the rescue workers.I can't believe it is going to take them a week to find them since the original estimate was a couple of days.I hope there are some survivors and I pray that they find them faster than a week.Time is precious right now and those people only have a limited supply of air I am sure down there in the mines.:scared2: :dunno: :frown1:
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