Mistress Brown

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    Although this is not a fantasy of mine, I felt like giving it a try on paper. Please let me know what you think. Excuse the errors. I wrote this as fast as I could so that I may post it. The internet connection here moves at the speed of smell.

    Her Fantasy: Mistress Georgia Brown.

    @font-face { font-family: "Cambria"; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } “Shut the fuck up!” she yelled. She’d had enough. Fucking tired of him always having the last word, always being right, and always controlling EVERYTHING. But today was different. She was in control. It wasn’t that she was angry with him, totally the opposite. She loved his dirty drawers. But five years as a corrections officer had opened her up to something new. She’d always been shy, timid, reserved. But she’d learned that men liked a woman in control. And love a woman who knew what she wanted. But this…this fucked her up (a little anyway). Never would she have imagined that her husband of 20 years would allow her to be Mrs. GA Brown by day, and Mistress Brown by night. “Yes Mistress Brown,” he replied. Truth be told this was her first as a dominatrix. She wore black latex thigh high boots and matching gloves, but black laced panties and bra. (his favorite; allowing him some control) He crawled on all fours behind her in a pair of black underamours. She’d had him baby oil himself to the point where he was slick and shiny. His hands were handcuffed in front of him, and he had a 6ft collar leash around his neck. She led him further into the basement. “Sit!” He sat. “Crawl over here and lick my boot.” His crawl was too slow and she walked over and smacked him again. “What the fuck is your problem slave? You got molasses in your ass?” “No Mistress Brown,” he yelped. “Then get the lead out your ass and get a move on it.” He quickened his pace, lapped at her boot. “Mistress Brown, can I speak?” “What!” “You look very beautiful tonight.” The comment almost made her come out of character. Touched her even. But that was not part of the game. “What as oppose to yesterday? Listen slave, when I need a fucking comment from you, I’ll give it to you.” SMACK! “Yes Mistress Brown, I’m sorry.” “Stand the fuck up,” she demanded. She took the leash and yanked. She then led him to their massage bed and strapped him down. Each arm was secure at his side and his legs were spread, but secured as well. Confirming that his only movements were in his feet and his head, she smacked his dick. “OUCH Mistress Brown.” “Quit your fucking whining.” She whacked at his dick again. This time she could see the blood filling his dick. Engorging with ever whack. “Did I tell you you could get hard?” “I can’t help it Mis.” She whacked again. His dick was bouncing now. Fully enlarge, the head went a full inch pass his belly button. It curved to the left and bounced as though the eye was staring straight at her. She then hoped up on the bed and straddled his face. “Lick my pussy.” She straddled just out of reach of his tongue. Allowing him to smell the essence and feel the heat warming his face. She could feel his breathe and it tickled. Felt good. She reached back and smacked his dick again. “Reach for it.” His head was as high as the restraints would take him and his tongue was pointing and flicking like her pussy was the last source of fluid on Earth. She lowered herself and immediately his tongue spread her lips. Without warning, she pressed herself into his face and began rubbing her pussy against his face and chin. Then stopped. He began to shake against the restraints but she held her place. He couldn’t breath and she knew it. He shook and yelled little muffles of sounds, but she continued to sit. “Put some of that energy into eating my pussy and less in struggling.” But he continued. He tried to buck her off, but the restraints held him in place. Suddenly he stopped moving. “Oh shit baby are you okay.” Fuck, she’d gone too far. He wasn’t moving. But when she lifted her pussy from his face, he was smiling. THAT MOTHER FUCKER! “Yes Mistress Brown.” “Oh you want to play games?” His dick was hard and the fucker was laughing at her. Okay, I got something for that ass, she thought. She covered his mouth, then straddled his dick, and with a furry, began to bounce on his dick. He tried to move his hands and raise his hips, but the restraints held strong. She bounced, grind and slid on his dick like a pro. She watched his chest. Saw that its rise and fall was beginning to increase and came up off him. “Oh you think I’m going to let you cum. Slave please. You want to play games? You may not cum tonight buddy. And if I think you’ll about to cum, I’m going to fuck you up. You better not cum until I say so.” His eyes went wide with desperation. He began to shake his head and moan something. SMACK! “I DON’T want to hear it.” She’d teach him. She straddled him again. Bounced for a minute and without getting up, rotated into a cowgirl position. She knew this would torture the fucker. He couldn’t resist her Onion Ass and knew he wanted so badly to touch her. Again she began to slowly bounce on his dick. The curve and thickness of his dick hit her G-spot just right. The feeling was amazing. She twisted around again to face him. He was moaning like a little bitch now. She stood to examine his dick. “Meaty as dick you got slave.” She took hold of his dick barely touching her index finger to her thumb. It oozed a string of pre-cum. “What the FUCK did I tell you?” He shook his head from side to side. His dick throbbed and contracted in her hand like it was having a seizure. He hadn’t came, but the evidence was literary clear, he was close. She reached up and squeezed his nipple, twisting and pinching it. He moaned and shook in agony, and his dick seemed to grow larger than the 7 x 5 ¾ she knew him to measure to. She then got off the bed, retrieved a prostate massager she’d purchased for the occasion. Raising it so he could see, she said, “I’ll milk your ass dry if you even think about cumming.” His eyes went wide and she could tell he was trying to shout his “Safe Word.” She had no intention of using it, but she wanted to remain in control. “Shut up! I’m going to get back on and you’d better make me nut hard, or I will use this.” She waved the massager. He closed his eyes and shook his head to his chin signaling he would. Surprisingly, his dick was still throbbing. She placed his dick at the entrance of her pussy, and then slowly allowed it to penetrate her fully. She felt her inner walls of pussy contracting as inch by pleasurable inch penetrated further. She used his dick mound to rub across her clit while simultaneously allowing his dick to glide in and out of her pussy. The combination was mind blowing. She could feel her muscles tightening. Felt the tension mounting. She began to bounce and within seconds felt like she was going to pee on herself. But the pleasure was too great to stop. She continued to bounce, making his dick knock on her cervix’s door. She battled the pleasures and pains with every knock. She could feel the muscles in her feet and thighs beginning to quaver. She had to pee, she had to cum, OH SHIT, she was going to, going to. And with amazement, she rose off his dick and squirted with such force that her legs began to wobble into a seizure. Her pussy tensed and released, quavered and shook, and as if all body functions ceased to exist, a gush of piss shot out. She collapsed, depleted of all energy.

    After Waking Up
    Although she didn’t believe she’d been out long, she was still embarrassed. He’d always made her squirt, always put her ass out, so that was nothing new. What embarrassed her was the fact she’d peed. She was in control. She was not supposed to lose control, she reprimanded. But the dick was simply so fucking good. She looked up at him and although she could tell he wanted nothing more than to cum at that very moment, he had this shit eating grin on his face that said, “whose in control now.” She got up, reached for his ever-throbbing dick and began to stroke it. She made slow and twisting tugs up and down his dick. It felt like his dick was vibrating. Each stroke brought on more throbbing. She squeezed and tugged his dick head and a pearl of clear fluid settled at the tip of his dick.

    While holding his dick with one hand, she took the other palm and made circles over his dick head. His body began to convulse as though the circuit board of his central nervous system had just been switch on. She’d just TASERED him sending a million volts of shear pleasure and pain though out his body. He moaned to the top of his lungs. He begged, pleaded for Mistress Brown not to stop. He tried to raise his ass, squeezing his buttock together and then releasing them with each stroke. This orgasm was going to be amazing. Then, without warning, she took two fingers and inserted them into his ass. It shocked the shit out of him that she would even consider such an act. She knew he was homophobic. But even more surprising, she’d hit something that damn near made him nut instantly. With two fingers in his ass and her other hand stroking his dick, his breathing became labored, his muscles twitched and he began to struggle against the restraints. Mistress Brown had demanded that he not cum. But he couldn’t help it. He was reaching the point of no return and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do to control it. He looked at her. Please! Tried to warn her, beg her, communicate in some way that he was no longer in control. But she continued. She made “come here” movements against what he figured was his prostate, while with the most professional of grips, tugged up and down on his dick. He couldn’t take it. The pleasure was too great. His asshole was clenching uncontrollably and his dick was swelling. His nuts drew in and his body tensed against the restraints. He was about to cum. Fuck that, he was CUUUUUM, CUMMM, CUMMINNG. The first rope shot out and landed on his chin, the second landed on his left nipple, the third and forth rope landed somewhere in the middle of his chest and he lost count of the fifth, sixth and seventh shots. Although he was pretty sure there were more than seven skeets, he simply didn’t give a fuck. At the moment, his body was shaking and convulsing like he was having a seizure. Only the restraints kept him on the bed. His feet twitched and shook while his head shook left and right, up and down. The orgasm had overcome him with such force; it had him struggling to stay conscious. His only lifeline to this world was Mistress Brown’s continuous rubbing across the head of his dick. Then the pleasure was replaced with sensitivity. Sensitivity was replaced with pain. He wanted to tell her to stop, that’s enough. But she continued. He moaned in agony and pleasure. For it did feel good. It was just that it was also so damn sensitive.

    She finally stopped. She knew that he’d be pissed about the two fingers, but right now the power in which she held was to great to really give a damn. Every ounce of cum had been depleted from his body. That she was quite certain of. When she released his dick, it was as though she’d unplugged some imaginary lifeline. He collapsed, knocked the fuck out.

    When he woke, the restraints had been removed, his mouth was no longer covered and she was lying next to him. He’d completely lost track of time. He looked at her and she said, “You okay?” “Yes, Mistress, I mean, yes baby, I’m fine. That was one fantasy I’d let you try again,” he said. “The two fingers too?” she asked. They both laughed and ending the night in each other’s arms.
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