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Jun 30, 2022
Melbourne, Victoria,Australia
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Hey guys, So I'm a cute asian twink whose just getting into massages. Can someone please tell me more about tantric vs sensual massages? I've seen alot of of videos online which seem very sexy and hot. What can you tell you masseur to do? What sorts of moves can they pull on you?
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so, just my personal opinion, i think massage falls into two categories, sensual and non-sensual, 'tantric' just being a much more sensual experience than others.

your non-sensual ones are your straightforward 'sports/injury' type massages where its for a specific issue. Even though can be done with/without oils, and is firm hands on bare skin, you're there for that recovery.

Pretty much every other type of massage i've had has been sensual - even when given by a female masseur - after all they're generally in a warm room, that is scented, soft music, low lighting, you're semi/fully naked, you have warm oils on you and strong firm hands rubbing you all over.

Even as a gay guy i've got semis from a female masseur in such situation as you're relaxed and it is sensual.

i do prefer massage by guys though in such situations and regularly get a pretty full on chubby going.

Where 'tantric' differs is that the masseur generally uses his whole body on you, so you're both naked/semi naked and they use their whole body weight on you, so they'll use their chest to massage you front and back as well as hands. I've had a masseur use his ass on my back sliding it along from my calves up to my neck, Each body part feels very different on you.

The idea is that they are sharing some of their good energy with you, that its a passing of their energy to you, to revitalise and restore your own energy and a lot of that is through sexual energy.

A tantric masseur may also massage your hole, may even give you a prostate massage and will almost certainly concentrate time on your lingam (dick) and around your balls etc When they do that, omg, amazing.

massages like tantric are definitely and deeply sexual as well as deeply sensual to the extreme.

They don't have to be about sex though, tantric isn't usually about ejaculating as that would be a release of the good energy they've built up in you !!!

That said if you go to a masseur who offers extras then the 'what can you pull' 'what can you ask for' is open to suggestion.

The only time i've had a massage go further was on holiday in Antigua and at the resort went to get a massage and this big brazilian masseur came out with his colleagues and 'chose' me to massage, i booked a 90 minute session of tantric.

he did everything i said above, but when doing the lingam bit and yes i got rock hard, he suddenly mounted the table, slid his ass onto my dick, both covered in oils, so slick and thoroughly massaged me with his ass, including grinding his ass right onto my pelvic bone, so i was as deep in him as possible, until i came violently and loads and he continued to milk me till i literally felt completely drained. It was a very unexpected, very sexy/sensual and completely amazing experience.

He also appeared several times at my bungalow on the beach, he had my room details as i was staying at the resort, and we had sex several more times - he said it was because he didn't see many other gay guys and liked the look of my dick;-)

feel free to dm me if you want more info/details ;-)
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