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    It didn't take long.
    Here I was, at the same place I had been several times before.
    The Crossroads.
    As much as I wanted to be know for my great technique, seems people were looking to me for more than a massage.
    I looked down at Jeff's broad shoulders.
    He'd come back from vacation looking tanned, buff.
    He's one of the few guys that I make office calls for.
    He has the money and he pays.
    Clearly Jeff has been working out.
    For nearly thirty minutes, I have been massaging his toned, muscled body.
    Not only was he good looking but he was married, seemed well adjusted.
    I started to see him about three months ago.
    Due to his busy schedule, it was necessary for me to come to his office.
    No problem.
    Have massage table will travel.
    It was after hours of course.
    I arrived to find him working at his desk.
    Mid thirties, ladder climber.
    It was all business as I had anticipated.
    He began by telling me the areas to focus in on.
    He emerged from his office washroom wearing only his Jockey briefs.
    I knew I wouldn't mind this rub down.
    I must admit I had a stirring of my own in my pants.
    He hopped on the table and I began my stuff.
    It wasn't long before I knew he was getting relaxed.
    He didn't say much, he didn't have to.
    His shoulders were broad and tanned.
    There wasn't a spot I missed.
    I spent a long time on his well developed legs, as he had requested.
    The time seemed to pass quite quickly.
    It wasn't long before I was packing up and heading for the door.
    I didn't think I would hear from him again but the next day I received a telephone call from him, wanting to set up an appointment for the same time next week.
    Same thing happened the week following AND the week following.
    Wasn't long before I started opening up, talking a bit more about himself and his family.
    Nothing like being a great listener with great hands, among other things.
    I noticed his butt cheeks seemed more muscular than before.
    I asked if he had been working out in this area.
    He laughed saying his wife liked the way he looked when he flexed his ass cheeks.
    Makes two of us!
    I had been massaging his thick, muscular thighs.
    I must admit that I felt myself getting more and more turned on by this guy.
    This was one time I was thankful I am bi.
    As time went on, I became a bit more daring.
    During the last visit, I started moving my hands and fingers up and around the elastic band of his jockeys.
    I could tell he was enjoying this.
    His body movements told me so.
    My bigger hands knew what to do.
    This one time I had my fingers about three inches below the elastic waist band.
    Seemed he didn't mind. In fact, he asked if it would be easier if he removed his underwear.
    Wow. His silky white ass cheeks were a turn on.
    He must of noticed how much time I was spending on his ass.
    On several occasions he commented how great it felt.
    I proceeded.
    I loved the way I ran my fingers and hand inbetween his ass cheeks.
    He has the greatest ass.
    My own cock was hard as rock now.
    I was worried he would see my 13" rock hard boner making its way out of my shorts.
    The more I looked at his beautiful ass, the more I want to ride it.
    I really tried hard to hold back.
    As I massaged his ass and legs I could see him arching his hips up.
    Not a good move.
    This got me so horny.
    He didn't mind it when I brushed his nuts with my hand either.
    His own cock was about 6", regular sized nuts.
    While my left hand massaged his ass, the thumb of my right hand carefully toyed with his hole.
    Very gently, carefully I decided to test the waters.
    His head continued to be buried in the pillow.
    I could hardly contain myself.
    I was anxious, eager to rim his ass.
    I was shocked that he didn't resist.
    It wasn't long before I was gently, but thoroughly massaging his aching hole.
    I knew he wanted it.
    At one point, I put my hand up and his stomach.
    His cock was as hard as a rock.
    I stood at the end of the massage table behind him.
    I told him to part his legs a bit.
    I pulled his body down towards me, using his thick, muscular thighs as handles.
    He obeyed, said nothing.
    Slowly, I removed my shorts.
    Wearing only a white t-shirt and socks I knelt down.
    I pulled his legs apart, moving them closer up to his sides.
    This ass was all mine now.
    I decided it was now or never.
    I bent over and slid my hot, wet, wide tongue up the crack of his ass.
    He let out a moan of delight.
    I couldn't stop there. I couldn't.
    I spread his eager legs further apart.
    I grabbed his nutsac with one hand while I continued to lick and suck his hole.
    My own cock was as rock hard as I have ever seen it.
    I wanted to reach down, massage my hot cock and release the beast inside me.
    Jeff buried his face further into the pillow.
    With more oil, I greased his ass.
    He knew what I was doing.
    He had to.
    He never resisted, not once.
    Slowly, I pulled him closer to my own body.
    Eagerly, almost knowing his moved his ass toward me.
    My now eager, fully erect cock was there to greet him.
    I rubbed the head of my cock against his hot hole.
    He moaned and groned in delight.
    To my surprise, the head of my cock slipped in his ass.
    His head and upper body arched up.
    Slowly, so slowly, he lowered his body onto my waiting pole.
    It wasn't long before he had all of me.
    My cock was long, hard, thick and ready.
    I wanted to thrust myself at him.
    He was aching for it.
    Slowly I began working my hot cock in and out of his hole.
    He was loving every minute.
    He moved his body down, closer to me.
    It was awesome.
    It had been a while since I screwed a guy over this way.
    I was worried I would release too soon.
    He spread his legs further apart.
    This boy was all mine now.
    It wasn't long before his hand had made it down to his own throbbing cock.
    In a matter of minutes, he had released himself.
    That was all I needed.
    Before long, I hauled my own cock out. run it up between his muscular ass cheeks.
    Streams of semen shot out.
    Mounds of hot cream were dispensed up his back.
    I collapsed on him.
    When he got up, he was all smiles.
    He had received what he was looking for.
    He said I came highly recommended.
    I told him I aim to please.
    Soon after, it was every two weeks.
    I made my way up to his office.
    It always seemed to be.........more than a massage.
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    It van be construed as the intimate massage , most intimate , of the secret private parts of two guys which are extremely sensitive ..After all Intercourse is but the Massage of the two most sensitive organs of the bodies :Cock and Cunt or Cock and Ass as the case may be .
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