Most dick ossifying (bone making) artwork you have witnessed

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by D_Pat Fanny, Sep 14, 2008.

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    May 17, 2008
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    Lots of artwork has found me fighting to hide an obvious hardon but I was totally unprepared for the traumatically erotic impact of my life to occur at a vase sale at a very conservative gift shop. I was just bored-to-death casually passing by a stand of glassware when suddenly I felt a pronounced rapid surging of blood into my loins. The object of my eroticism was a rather amorphous blob of glass; I spun around and stood there breathless with a whole body flush puzzled why I should be sexually aroused by an ugly vase. Examining closer I could finally tell what my subconscious was clearly in view of, a thick walled clear crystal vase that was obviously inspired by a vagina, distended by an invisible immense cock. It was the most gorgeous and prurient thing I had ever seen. I’ve never thought vaginas were particularly gorgeous primarily because most of it is hidden, but this glassblower knew what untapped pleasure he could arouse by letting us view into this secret pleasure dome during heightened sexual stimulation and ingestion of a full figured penis. I even seemed to sense what the dimensions of the invisible penis were. I asked a clerk for a tape measure and though my skin was tomato red, I was able to give a somewhat truthful reason – “I have a very large peony and penta at home and want to see if this is large enough vase to contain them”. The depth was 10.75 and circumference about 7.75, precisely the dimensions of the perfect penis owned by a long time chat friend of mine who aside from the ideal penis has incredible charm, intellect, and all manly virtues and most perfectly fits the title of “man among men” of all my acquaintances. So here was a cast molding of any one of countless gfs’ extraordinarily compliant vaginas in its most challenged sexually excited state.

    There was pronounced look of thickened puckered lips outturned at the top, tinted delicate pink and more intense coloration at the obvious clit protrusion. There was equal reddening at the clitoral depths with slightly bulbous widening here where cockhead would be. All that was missing was a ¼ cup puddle of milk glass at the bottom that could represent the ginormous loads this guy always gives his gals. I hate to admit this but I wanted to gently lick the entire vase and did fondle it rather vulgarly for several minutes. I repeated this ritual at least a dozen more times and was deeply disappointed when it finally disappeared from the shelf. All the vases by this glassblower were of similar design, but none were as perfectly suitable for me but the biggest one. The vagina, pictured as this guy does is the most splendidly sexual artwork I have or ever will see. The company is Glass Story out of Poland. Even typing this has me intensely aroused Has any artwork similarly stimulated you?
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