Most people you were sexually involved with at once

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    These have to be ongoing sexual relationships (One night stands excluded)


    Fuck buddies
    Friends with benefits

    I'll get the ball rolling. A few years ago I started sleeping with a girl from work. We agreed not to date but made our relationship known to some of our fellow associates whom we were close with. One night after work I caught a drink with one of the girls who she told. A few too many later and we were back at my place.

    We agreed to not sleep together and keep our one night together a secret. Well a couple nights later and a few more drinks after work and we were back at it. At this point we agreed to keep sleeping together but kept to our position of keeping her friend in the dark.

    Later that week I was out with some of my friends I know outside of work. One of the girls pulled me aside and told me one of the girls thought I was really good looking.

    Well when you're on a roll you're on a roll. She gave me head in my car outside the bar and we hooked up at her place a couple nights later.

    Sex with these 3 lasted a good month and a half until it all fell apart like a hardcore episode of "Three's company". Thanks to the induction of Facebook in everyone's life all the girls found out about each other. Needless to say I was in the dog house.

    I was back on my feet a month later and actually met a girl I would end up dating the better part of a year (My first serious relationship). But I'll never forget that magical time where the stars aligned and I was transformed into a state of the art sex machine.
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    The most ongoing relationships I've had at a time is three.

    1. FWB/LTR - There were some blurred boundaries here. It was supposed to be a FWB relationship but had some things in common with a LTR. I thought we had an open relationship. It was news to me when he said we didn't. Had sex with him once or twice a week.

    2. FB (really more of a FWB) - Knew about the others. Had sex with him once or twice a week.

    3. FB - Knew about the others. Had sex around twice a month.
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