Mountain Bikes - Where?

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    Okay so before I get even fatter, I want a mountain bike. But there are so many and I can't seem to find the one I want.

    FYI, the best bike I ever had was called (90% sure) a Quantum Falcon and it had blue tyres. Bought from Asda/Walmart probably...four or five years ago. It was stolen around two years ago. Only cost me £100 too.

    Anyway, this is the spec I'm looking for:

    • SILVER mountain bike
    • Front suspension (although not necessary)
    • 21 speed gears with GRIPSHIFT (gripshift is a must, I hate those levers! Especially when they rust up
    • Maybe a padded seat.
    I would pay up to around £200 for it. I really, really would like to find the bike I used to have (Quantum Falcon) although I'm pretty sure its out of production.

    Is my spec okay? I plan to cycle every day, about a 2 or 3 mile round 'circuit'

    So basically I was wondering if anyone knew any good sites, preferably UK to go to. Also, I put the Quantum Falcon together myself and I don't mind having to put another bike together myself, especially if its cheaper.
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    I have an aluminum mountain bike, and it's fun to ride off road, but it's a tank on the street. Have you ever considered a road bike? I use my road bike to commute to work and love it so much more than the mountain bike. It's lighter and faster. The best advice that I could give you is to go to bike shops and test some of the bikes. See what is out there for how much. Many of the bike stores offer decent deals on previously owned bikes. My experience is that you have to be willing to spend some money if you want to get something that will be really fun to ride.
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