MPs regulatory legislation may violate their own human rights

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dong20, Jun 30, 2009.

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    Oh, the irony.

    First, I read the code of conduct has been scrapped (well, it will no longer legally binding - and thus disregarded) ... because it may 'hinder MP's ability to represent their constituents'.

    Does that represent a tacit acknowledgment that unethical conduct by MPs is not only accepted, but necessary?

    Then I read this:

    BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Questions over MP 'clean-up' bill

    I think the 'heat' must have gone to their poor, delicate little heads. :rolleyes:

    Like so much ant-terrorism legislation ... too much haste, too little thought and insufficient and pressured scrutiny - will lead to poor quality legislation, unfit for purpose and in many cases, unncessary.

    Formulating hasty laws, especially while caught in the headlights of a scandal in the face of unfavourable public opinion may seem like action, but is unlikely to solve, or ameliorate the root cause of the problem at hand, in this case; the election of amoral, dishonest and self serving charlatans to public office.

    Now, where did I leave my pitchfork ...
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