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    I had a couple questions about Hardwear, and this seems to be the Hardwear capital of the internet based on some forum searches, so I'm hoping someone here can help me out. :biggrin1:

    On their website I saw a couple pictures with a ring right under the head and in a few different places. This is probably an obvious noob question, but what is benefit to putting it right under the head? Others loop around the balls and in different places. Is there a complete list someplace of all the places you can put it and what the benefits are? I never even considered putting a ring there, so I'm quite intrigued.

    Most importantly, how do you measure to know what size you need? Even the pewter rings are a bit pricey to buy just to throw out if they don't fit. And if they're as good as everyone seems to say here, I'd rather save up and get it in sterling once I'm finished with my penis and balls enlargement.
    Thanks for all help.
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