Multiple Orgasms

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    Today was like any other day home alone and horny.This always leads to an adventure online i find chatting and loking at porn to be a huge turnon.Spent sometime wondering around chatrooms then before i knew it my pants were around my ankles and my ever growing cock was in my hand.I was in a omg its so big room chatting with a gal she told me how much she enjoyed sucking big cocks.I told her my cock was hard and i was pumping so long that precum was dripping everywhere this seemed to turn her on more.The longer we chatted she began to play with her pussy telling me how wet she was how bad she wanted to see my cock,well not being to shy i sent her a few pics of my 7-1/2" cock fully hard she wanted it bad now.I told her i would cum multiple times for her if she would cam with me.She was nervous said she wanted to see what I had been stroking for the last hour as we chatted she described every inch of her body to me and now i wanted to see her too.I put my cam on and she instantly accepted my invitation to view, my cock got harder knowing she could see me stroking.before I knew it i was naked i could hear her voice i could hear her wet pussy being fingered i needed to see her. Kim put your cam on ill cum for you as promised an invite popped up i was shaking i wanted to see her so bad i could taste her already.There before my eyes was the most amazing body id ever seen on cam pert tits beautiful nipples hard as erasers.I couldn't stop pumping my cock she moaned a little as her cam focused on her pussy i was ready to explode.Her clit was engorged i wanted to cum with her I stood up fixed the cam on my hard cock and slowly pumpped full strokes from the base to the tip precum dripping everywhere I knew I couldn't last I moaned cum with me Kim cum as i pumpped faster my cock thickened in my hand and i exploded shooting jets of cum across my desk 9 or 10 thick streams pumpped out covering my desk all the way to the wall.She moaned as she fingered her sweet pussy i knew she was gunna cum i kept stroking never missed a beat my cock was so hard i wanted to cum again and i came hard n fast shooting more streams onto my desk my cock pulsed in my hand cum dripping her moaning as i cam she climaxed almost with me.My hand never left my cock she rubbed her pussy as i continued to stroke my cock i had to cum again for her she begged me cum for me cum on my tits she put the cam up I stroked my cock thickened my grip tighter i pumped I stood up onto my toes and could feel the most intense orgasm climbing up from my balls in seconds i could feel it rising up my cock was thick i came so hard the first shot hit the wall 3 feet infront of my desk streams again like id never seen poured out my cock.Exhausted I sat my cock still semihard all the while i could hear her moans she came as i came her pussy soaked i could hear it as she fingered.We chatted for hours and now we are regular cyber freaks cumming for each other every chance we get.
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