Musicians of LPSG, share your music/get feedback here

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    There have been a number of threads here on the topic of musicians, lyricists, and other related topics, but I have not seen a thread devoted to members sharing music they have created (should they be so inclined).

    I'll start off with my music. You can download a package of five songs I've written and converted to MP3s here.

    Just some notes before you listen:

    • I apologize for the audio quality. I write the music on a program called Guitar Pro (despite being a keyboardist). I then convert those files to MIDI, and then those files are made in to MP3s on a website's converter.
    • If prog rock isn't your thing, I'd suggest skipping my contribution. The five songs are roughly 4:00, 5:30, 7:00, 9:00, and 16:00.
    • Of the five songs, "Yeti" is meant to be instrumental; three of the other four ("Stampede," "Ventriloquist," "Alpha/Omega") just do not have lyrics written, though I left space for them.
    • The tiles of the three songs from the previous point are simply arbitrary titles that have no bearing on anything. The other two songs are samples of larger thematic things I've done (with admittedly varying quality).
    That being said, I hope you enjoy and to perhaps get some good feedback. I also look forward to some other members' contributions.
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