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    Its hard to put this is words I was wanting someone advice on something.

    About a few years ago I was on this chat line looking to give oral sex to someone. I was wanting the biggest dick I could find. Then I got talking to this guy that was black and looking for a relationship. He is a really nice guy. I think if I was gay I would like to have something with him. He was my fantasy. He was 9 1/2 inches and really thick. I did not know how think was till I had his pants off. I could not get my hand about him sitting next to him.
    I was going nuts it was hard to get him going and I was timid in not know what to do. I would have loved him to say do this or that. I lost contact with him in about a year or two I found his number and I have fantazied of going to his apartment and getting him down and best I could, see how many times I could keep him up and off.
    I found it hard we both know why I was there. But taking off his pants was a challenge. I know if I saw him again I would face the same thing. How do I start, let alone how will I feel with something as thick as a beer bottle in my mouth.
    I called him yestersay said I feel I owe you something but I was hard pressed what to say why or what. Nor did I get in the conversation if he remembered me and why I was apresenhencive to do it and what he going to think when all the oral sex is over with?
    I know have not really asked a question if someone want to reply I would love to hear it
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