My Alaska wilderness

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    I was in the service stationed in Fairbanks Alaska back in 1971 and at that time the pipeline was not run yet and fairbanks was like a old west town but had plenty of bars and clubs where they took the servicemans money. There was a place outside the base called Tellons 2 It was a strip bar where you watched strippers take their clothes off and get wasted on cheap booze and go back to the base with nothing but your cock in your hand. It was a rip off and everyone knew it but we all still went. One night we went in and sat down and bought the two drink min and sitting in the corner in the dark was a girl she was black and had long flowing hair a big chest and beautiful hips and legs so I bought her a drink I thought she was a new performer . She walked over to my table and asked if she could join me and I said "Sure" We talked and she said she could not get used to the 24 hours of daylight that it was screwing up her system. I told her the longer she is up here the more she will get used to it. she was from Atlanta I told her I was from Chicago. we talked and drank for a few hours till we were not feeling any pain and I told her it was getting late and I would have to leave I asked if she needed a ride home and she saiid ok. We got in my car and she moved next to me in the front seat and we began making out I reached my hand on her tits and pulled down her blouse and started sucking on her nipples Then back up to her lips and tongue. we continued this for about 20 min and we both were horny as hell so I parked the car in the rear where no one could see us and we both got in the back seat. we got back to business again and when I reached my hand down between her legs to my surprise there was a cock. I was totaly shocked for a second Never in my life did I figure this was a guy being all horned up I said to my self "What the hell" so I took her cock out of her panties and began to suck on it It felt and tasted strange but good I licked it kissed it bit it and after a while really began to love having it in my mouth I moved my head up and down while squeezing her balls and after about 10 min she moaned "Darling you are gonna make me cum' I didnt care I clamped my mouth tighter and she pushed my head down hard and thrust her hips up and let loose with a great load in my mouth I took it all in and swallowed it and did not mind it at all after she was done she reached down and blew me till I shot my load in her mouth when I was done We got dressed and I drove her to her place in Fairbanks and then went back to the base. we kept it our secret for 9 more months after that night and no one not even my friends suspected she was a guy it was a great time in my life. but like all good things it had to end my tour was up and got transfered back to the states, Missouri and I left Alaska I wrote to her for a few months but then my letters came back no such person so never heard or seen her again.
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