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    My birthday was Friday... I, well... had a lot of fun with friends.... on Thursday... and a day at the spa on Friday, then I went out last night. Had fun.

    But, since i shared relationship stuff with you guys here, wanted to update... Here's my blog from Friday night... and I'll fill you in on then till now below...

    The Best Birthday EVER!
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    I just have to say that this was, by FAR, the best birthday I've ever had in my life. I owe a lot of people thanks for that...
    First, my parents... for growing to understand that I'm not insane, just think about things differently than they do, and for their understanding that I really am trying my best every day... Plus, they had to go first, cause... well... they created me.
    My kids... they were so adorable today... They even made me a balloon drop when I walked in right before we went out to dinner. They blew up balloons and had those little noisemakers that shoot confetti... it was so cool.
    My friends... God, Allan has been so awesome... we went out last night to ring in my birthday at midnight, plus I sang karaoke... (there are pictures to be posted soon on the site)... I just have a GOOD time. All my friends from Nashville that called or texted me to wish me a happy birthday, and OMG, all these MySpace messages... both comments and messages wishing me a great year and happy birthday. WOW. What a wonderful gift that was too!
    So, we went out last night... I came home and crashed... woke up, got the kids off to school and my mom and I went to the spa... I hadn't been for a day of pampering in SOOO long... it was a way overdue event. I got a full body massage that was seriously the best one I have EVER had. The woman who gave it to me put me to sleep and wore me out... I'm not at all gay, but seriously, whomever she goes home to... is a LUCKY person. I wished I could have her at my beck and call for a massage.
    Then I got a hot shower... and then a pedicure... which was funny because I have dry skin on my heels, and most places use a pumice or a grater thing... This place... whips out a Black and Decker sander! No lie. I took a picture. I will post it. I watched them use it on everyone, but I did make a joke about how I knew it had been a while since I got a pedicure and all, but was it necessary to pull out the power tools??? And in that instant, I flashed back to the scene in the movie Dumb and Dumber where they're at a salon and the sander gets pulled out for Jim Carrey's toenails. Anyway, my toes are nice and pretty again... and my heels are all soft... whoohoo!
    The next thing was putting hair color in my hair... and then a manicure. I had this reddish brown thing goin' on for a while... and I just went back to my regular hair color... it's just a brown, a rich brown... it matches my natural color... so it's cool... Looks great... and had my hair shaped and trimmed...
    I left feeling like a new woman.
    Allan and his mom picked me up, he got ready for dinner, and then we met my family at the house where the kids did the balloon drop thing, and then we all went to Great Uncle Peter's Steak House, where I had an absolutely amazing prime rib... and yes, I ate meat on Friday during lent... it was my birthday, God will forgive me. (Besides, I found out the whole not eating meat thing has nothing to do with religion, but instead to do with a business ploy... google it)
    We got the kids ice cream on the way home... and then I got them in bed. Allan hung out for a bit, had a little something planned with a few friends of ours, but I couldn't go back out again, so he rescheduled it for another time. As we were just sitting and talking, the phone rang....
    The house phone.
    And it was for me. Jon called. We've talked for two hours (and right now he's in a bad cell area, so I can't talk to him for about 15 more minutes)... about each other's lives. The ex... is gone. For good.
    He told me he missed me, was sorry about what he'd put me through and told me that he finally learned his lesson. She was an ex for a reason. Apologized... and told me he just missed me... the unique, desirable, quirky me. That he thought of me every time he heard country music... that little things would remind him of me and he just couldn't get me out of his head. (funny how that was the same for me)...That he missed my friendship and the time we spent together.... and we just started talking. He opened up the line of communication.
    The best news? His next job location is going to be right outside of Baltimore... about 4 1/2 hours from where I am right now... And it starts in about a month. We've made plans to see each other more often when that happens... I'm beyond stoked.
    He called.
    What a wonderful, stupendous, absolutely amazing end to what literally has been the best birthday ever. We discussed this, and I told him it's like icing on the cake... and he said, or "gravy on the taters"... I told him I like taters and gravy better, so he could be my gravy any day... LOL... and I told him I'd be the taters... because I eat enough of them I really could be... ;)
    Oh...what a happy, happy birthday this has been.
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    Right on S&C!

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