My boss is hitting on me

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    So like at one of my jobs I now am convinced my boss is hitting on me! [​IMG]
    At first i wasn't sure but now i know! I've been there for like a year and he's always winking at me and at times when he asks me to go to his office to chat about the work he leans back on his chair so i can get a good view of his package and it's pretty damn good to tell you the truth. He's middle eastern mixed with israeli of all things LOL
    Anyways, I honestly believed it was all in my head at first but i swear he keeps doing it and that can't be a coincidence!
    And he honestly cares what i think of him when with others he doesn't. AND he always asks me if i have a girlfriend.....ugggh.
    I honestly feel a bit uncomfortable to be alone with him and that says a lot! When it comes to work i don't flaunt my sexuality....i guess people at work kind of figured it out. What I'm trying to say is that i haven't done anything to give him the impression of who i am behind closed doors sort of speak. By no means am i ashamed BUT i feel in certain places like your job you don't need to flaunt it. If people ask in a serious manner i'll be honest but otherwise i don't need to be wearing a banner everywhere i go.

    Come to think of it, he was probably hot when he was younger but still u know. [​IMG]
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    When I was sixteen I was working at a retail store in my mall, it always boggled me why I was the only one under 18 at the store and still making more money than half of the people there.

    My manager was a thirty something overweight guy who had been a longterm relationship with a man who was his age and VERY attractive (what kind of backwards shit was that?). They also had a son together who was about a year old at the time. Every night I would wind up closing with this manager and one night after we closed the doors we were just about to leave when I showed him a flask we had on sale that I said was very cool. He then went on to tell me about a flask he had at his home, and that his partner and son were out of town so he'd probably just drink by himself. Then, he kept pressuring me to come to his home and keep him company. I panicked being so young and not composed at all and just yelped out "no!" and got in my car and darted off. I came back in the next day and from then until about five days later when I quit, he was very rude to me a complete opposite of the fun guy he had been before.

    Had I known at the time, I wouldve called someone over his head to remedy the situation, because not only is it illegal in the sense of sexual harrasment and coersion but it was also illegal because i was underage.

    I suggest not getting involved with your boss because whether or not you know it word will travel and itll land you AND your boss in a great deal of trouble.
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