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my contribution to stories that sound too good to be true, i'm hoping

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by divisiblebyzero, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. divisiblebyzero

    divisiblebyzero Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2010
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    ok, so just over a year ago, with the prompting of my then g/f and now very recent x i started playing around with an old friend of mine who was into the dominatrix thing for a while but had been out of it for a few years. she was someone i'd known for years and in my circle of friends, and had had a 4some and 3some with her when she was dating a friend of mine.

    so anyways...I was out at the bar with her one night and when she was about to leave i told her that she had another option to just going home and smoking dope and eating cheesecake...she could take me home and spank my ass. then went on to tell her that me and the g/f were getting into rough play and i was looking for some guidance. our lil thing only lasted a few months before my g/f freaked out over it all and we quit. she did tell me she was completely down for continuing on the sly. she was definite fan of my size, and am the exception to her don't sleep with the 'pets' rule.

    but now a year later her and i are still friends and talk. she is now way more into 'the scene' then she was before and is super thankful to me for getting her back into it. she is now on a 'board' of some organization of swingers and people into the dom/sub thing. dropped her a line the other day to tell her i was going to be in town and no longer have any commitments or string. she got online tonight to chat with me and see what's up. i told her i was looking to hang and that if any hands were needed anywhere that i may be up for lending those hands.

    i made the joke about the best way to get over one is under another and she said she'd gladly see that it's taken care of. This weekend she is planning on bringing me to the club, where she is now the "Mamma, head Mistress" and she said i'll definitely be made to forget my worries and that her 'girls' know that what she says goes and will surely be willing.

    i have no reason to not believe that she will see that i'm taken care of this weekend, and will hopefully have more to add to this next week
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