my ED...physical or psychological problem??

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    I thought my ED problem that's developed over the last few yrs was a physical problem...result of age. now I'm not so sure. this morning early, I get up with a pee-on, & go pee. it's around 4 am, I go back to bed. around 6 am for some reason I wake up, and I'm hard as a rock. I thought about waking my wife up, but she's not interested in sex, but will jack/suck me but not at 6 am(not a morning person). so I lay there, thinking.... this is good, I like this, this is me being the old me. thoughts are whirring in my head. I even reach down and grab it a few times to make sure I wasn't dreaming or it wasn't a 30 second hard on. after about 10 minutes, I drifted off to sleep again. I'm kind of excited that maybe whatever was wrong is gone, at least this morning it was. time will tell.

    note: I'm in good shape. high bp under control with meds. doc checks me twice yearly. heart is good. prostate test, gloved finger and blood test are both good. cholesterol is good.
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