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    Well I've got two pictures up from a month ago. I have never done penis exercises before, or tried to enlarge in any way. But now im curious if it really works. So for the next few weeks I will be doing casual exercises. I have a busy schedule so I will be doing simple things that any man can do without having to take a break from their busy day.

    I will do a few simple stretches whenever im at a private restroom (this is to alleviate the problem of time... everyone has to piss, right?)

    1) Grab the base of my penis, I believe these are called jelqs... Wrap my thumb and finger around it together and slowly work my way down to the head. When I can go no farther I will then use my free hand's thumb and press on the base and push it slowly towards the head, then release and do it maybe one or two more times.

    2) The same as above but a variant where I continually pump with my right hand, base to head, then release, then immediately followed by my left hand, base to head, then release, then immediately followed by my right hand again, and repeat a few times.

    3) Get a firm grip on the head of my penis and pull it straight out and hold it there for a few seconds. Then I will hold it upwards, pulling and holding. Then downwards, then to the left, then to the right... Lasting no more than a total of 30 seconds.

    4) Put both of my palms against my penis and roll it between them like a piece of dough (lol?) roll my hands back and forth a few times, working my way to the head, or until its comfortable to stop and replace them closer to the base.

    And that's it. I'll do at least one of these exercises at least once a day for the next three weeks (I will post pictures of myself sometime in the beginning of January... the results or lack there of will be self evident in comparison with my pictures from November)

    If it works, cool, if not, oh well. I suppose everyone's different, what may work for one, may not for another. But its worth a try, so you guys can perhaps see some real results without any bullshit, just the facts. Im just an ordinary guy, no pills or equipment involved, we'll see what happens.

    Feel free to offer advice or comment, maybe keep this thread alive for a sort of day-to-day or week-by-week update or something of the sorts...

    Good luck to myself and others
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