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    I love tellin this gotta to the accent's a treat...

    Three Black mamas sitting in a bar in the deep south of the U S of A, all relaxing with some good antiguan rum....the conversation after a few turns to the pvt side of life and they start comparing their husbands sexual prowess...

    First Black Mama; 'Well....They calls me usban hoorrrssse cos he hung like a HORRSSSE!'

    Second black mama;.'Wellll, u kno', they calls me 'usband terrraaiin, cos he gooees like a TRRAAIINN!'

    Third black mama; 'WELL, they callls me 'usband DRAMBUIEEE!'

    First and second black mama; 'WHAAA, they calls your 'usban Drambuie! What kin o name is tha!...... Ain't that sum kinda fancy licquor?!'

    If u get it u'll like it!!!!
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