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    Part of this story is true, and part fantasy. (I’ll indicate when the fantasy part kicks in)
    Feedback welcome

    Late Saturday morning, I was standing in the shower, trying to ease my hangover by spraying hot water on the base of my neck. Wasn’t working, so I dried off, and walked toward the kitchen in search of my usual standby hangover cure… Mountain Dew. Toweling my hair as I cut through the living room, I was surprised to see 2 strangers sitting on the couch. My age, but dressed in black suits, white shirts and black ties, sitting stiffly on the edge of the couch. The blonde thin one was staring directly at my crotch, the larger dark haired one stood up and extended his hand. I wrapped the towel around my waist, and said “hi… um do I know you?”
    The dark haired guy said “No, your roommate let us in. He said you might be interested in learning more about The Church of Latter Day Saints….the Mormons”. I cringed. I know Ken had be laughing his ass off wherever he fled too, and vowed silently to myself to fuck him up good as soon as possible.
    “Um thanks, but I think Im ok”. I said
    “Well if you have just a few minutes, we can briefly describe our faith, and how it could change your life. Then we’ll just leave you some information, and if you want to talk some more we’d be happy to” The darker one said confidently, and with a smile.
    “Look guys, I know this has got to be hard for you to do, and all, but frankly there are parts of my lifestyle that really wouldn’t work with your church” I said.
    “Like what?” again the darker one said.
    “Is he like a trainee or something? Doesn’t he speak?” I asked pointing at the blond thin guy. He blushed, and stood up and extended his hand. “Sandy. Sorry. I didn’t want both of us to dominate the conversation”. I turned back to the darker one, and said “ Sorry. But I like sex. Im addicted to it. The whole celibacy thing you guys do isn’t going to work for me, or for my little friend here” as I grabbed my dick through my towel. “and quite frankly, Im not all that particular with whom I have sex with… gender isn’t a big issue for me”.

    (Sadly, this is where the story turns to fiction. They got up and left, and I went back to my room, and used the rest of this fantasy as my motivation while jerking off)
    Part !! in th next post
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    The blonde looked confused. “Not sure I understand what you mean”.
    “I have sex with women. I have sex with men. Its what I do” I said frankly to him.
    “At the same time?” the blond asked.
    I laughed, and said “Well no. Not that I wouldn’t, just haven’t had the opportunity"
    There was silence in the room, finally broken by the darker Mormon.
    “That’s OK, we are all sinners, yet God still loves us. God understands our weaknesses, and gives us the chance to redeem ourselves”. Sandy and I are sinners, but we pray for guidance and redemption”.
    I looked at Sandy, and feeling flippant said “So is he implying you suck his dick at night?”
    Sandy again got red in the face, and stammered “No! Brian is just saying we all sin! No!”
    Brian was looking at Sandy, then turned to me. He looked nervously left and right, then in a low voice said very sheepishly “We all have temptations of the flesh. Sandy and I are no different. We have spent the last 6 months in each others constant company 24 hours a day”.
    I looked at Sandy and he looked down, then at Brian, and his eyes averted me as well. “Holy shit! You guys are having sex together aren’t ya?” I exclaimed.
    “No No ! not that. Its just that we… you know… do ‘it’ sometimes. You know when it gets too built up” said Sandy quietly.
    “what …jerk off together?” I asked.
    Brian looked down, and just nodded.
    I looked at Sandy, and asked “do you touch each other?”, and he didn’t answer.
    I walked to edge of the couch, and put my hand on Sandy’s shoulder. “are you built up now?” and dropped my towel. My dick was at his eye level, only inches from his face. I could feel the blood flowing into it as it grew into a semi. He looked over at it, then glanced at Brian, turning his gaze back to my crotch.
    “Youre really big” Sandy whispered.
    “You can touch it if you want” I said quietly.
    Sandy slowly reached out, and encircled my shaft with his hand. My dick quickly swelled to its full erection, and he slid his hand up to the head. “Really big” sandy repeated.
    I looked over to Brian, and he was adjusting his crotch, slightly squirming.
    “Lets all go to my room” I said, turning and walking towards my room with my dick swaying like a metronome. I turned and Sandy was right behind me. I placed my hand over his trousers, and felt his hardness. I reached up , unbuckled his belt, deftly unbuttoned them, and slid his zipper down. I pushed his white briefs and trousers down, and his dick slapped up against his belly. I grabbed it, and said “Take off your jacket and shirt”, and turned to Brian and did the same thing. Then I laid down on my unmade bed. I admired their bodies, both beautiful, yet completely different. Andy was small and slender, white smooth chest where you could see his ribs, and small pink boyish nipples. His light pubic patch surrounded his thin shaft that curved upward toward his hairless belly, about 5 inches in length. Brian had a Brain was bent down pulling his trousers from his ankle, and when he stood back up, I gazed at his muscular chest with well defined pecs and abs. He had a light dusting of brown hair running down the middle of chest into his very hairy dark bush. His dick pointed straight out, not up like Sandy’s, and was very thick and veiny. While sandy’s cock was almost translucent and pinkish, Brian’s was dark.
    “Are all Mormon’s uncut?” I asked, as I reached out with both hands and touched them both.
    “Not all” said Brian. “But probably most. The church doesn’t have a stand on it, but the book says the law of Moses says Jesus purified all children, and circumcision was no longer necessary”.
    I pulled them both closer to me by their cocks, and then reached up and took Brian’s cockhead into my mouth, and swirled the head with my tongue, as I pulled his foreskin back with my fist. He let out a gasp, and as I looked up he thrust his hips forward, and flung his head back.
    “That feels so awesome” he said, as I alternated between licking his veiny shaft, and tonguing his piss slit. I moved over to Sandy, and slid him into my mouth, bobbing up and down, taking his full length down my throat. Sandy moaned deeply, and his knees buckled slightly.
    I pulled off Sandy, and moved to the middle of the bed. I patted either side of me, and said “Your turn”.
    “Sandy, you blow me. Brian, you tongue my nuts please”. I said.
    Sandy gingerly stuck his tongue out, grabbed my shaft, and briefly licked the tip of my dick. Brian had started to rub my nuts, and was slowly positioning his head near my nut sack.
    “Like this Sandy” I said, as I moved over his dick and slowly swirled the head and piss slit with my tongue. Sandy copied me and every move I made on his dick, resulted in a similar action by him. Brian was still just fondling my nuts, so I turned my head to his side, pulled his heavy ballsack toward my and gave him a nut bath. “Like that Brian” I instructed. I felt the warm slick saliva of his mouth engulf my nut, and the gentle suckling noises of my two missionary boys was music.
    I moved down to Brian’s pucker, and licked it. He jumped slightly, and looked back to me, and said “no”. I spread his cheeks, looked at his virgin brown tight hole, and dove in, licking furiously , and shoving my tongue into his pucker. He let out a sigh, and repeated “no” but softer, and less demanding. He rolled over on his back, spreading his legs breathing harder. I continued my onslaught onto his hole, then pulled up grabbed the Astroglide quickly from the end table and spread a shot of lube on his ass. I started blowing him, and fingering his ass. I licked and kissed my way up his chest, licking his belly button, and pausing to lightly bite and suck his now large and hardened nipple. I licked up his neck
    I looked over at Sandy, and he was slowly jerking his cock, and rubbing his nipples as he watched us. I leaned into Brian’s ear and whispered, “I’m going to fuck you”, and simultaneously jabbed my tongue into his ear, and my middle finger into his ass. His sphincter briefly parted, then clamped around my finger as I searched for his prostate. When I found the hard lump, I furiously massaged it, and his sphincter spasmed on my finger, and his dick bounced ever so slowly. Brian moaned no, and tossed his head to the side. I inserted a second finger and started stretching him, and leaned back and whispered “Yes”. Sandy was watching with wide eyes and his mouth agape, and I turned to him, and said, “lube up your dick. He’s too tight to take me right now”. Sandy scrambled to the Astroglide and quickly slathered up his rod. I took the bottle and squirted more onto Brian, and worked it in. I moved over Brian, positioned my dick over his mouth, and took him into mine. Sandy got between his legs, and I pulled my fingers out, quickly pulled Brian’s legs apart and up, and Sandy pressed the tip of his dick against Brian’s pucker. Sandy pushed, and I told Brian, “push out Brian, and relax”. Sandy’s head disappeared into Brian, and Brian yelped. “Hold it Sandy. Don’t move. Give him a chance to get used to it. Brain was panting, and shaking his head side to side. Each time, my dick would rub across his face. Sandy was looking down at his shaft sticking out of Brian, and he sighed “That feels so hit and tight”. “Slowly slide a little more in, and give him time. “I instructed. Brian’s once raging hardon, was now gone, the foreskin totally encasing the large head, and lapping over. I bent down and gently chewed it, then slid my tongue under the skin and licked the back of his frenulum. I looked back at his hole, and Sandy was balls deep. “Just hold it there Sandy. When you feel his grip relax a little, slowly lull out and back in”. Sandy began to slowly and gently fuck Brian, and Brian’s breathing became less ragged. Every time the head of Sandy’s cock would brush Brian’s prostate, he would utter a brief “uh”. Sandy started to make full strokes, and within a couple of minutes, it was obvious he was close. His breathing was erratic, his pumping was faster, and then with one final lunge, all the muscles in Sandy’s wiry body tightened, his eyes squinted close, his mouth opened, and he unloaded into Brian’s ass. Sandy put his head down on Brian’s chest, and caught his breath, still inside him.. Brian gently rubbed Sandy’s back, and there was silence in the room. I moved off the bed and lubed my aching dick. Sandy rolled off, his softened cock pulling out of Brian, and glistening with lube and cum. I quickly pointed my dick against his starfish, and just as a creamy bubbly gob of cum emerged from him, I pressed in. Brian arched his back, and tried to wriggle back wards, but I held his thighs firmly and continued to push. My head disappeared into Brain, and I quickly pushed all the way in, and then held it there to let his ass get used to my much larger girth. Once I felt his sphincter loosen, I began a slow rhythmic fuck, ,searching for his prostate with the ridge of my dick. The ‘Uh’s” started again, and his flaccid dick would bounce each time my dick scraped it. I reached down and played with his soft dick, trying to coax it back to erection with my greasy hand. I fucked him slowly and thoroughly for about ten minutes, when his dick finally began to spring back to life.
    Sandy reached over and started to stimulate his cock with one hand, and gently pinching his nipples with the other. I looked into Brian’s face, and he was totally consumed in the feelings pulsating through his body. Eyes closed, jaw clenched, hands above his head, and his head moving back in forth… and the rhythmic ‘uh’ as I continued to assault his prostate. I picked up the pace and really began to pound that virgin ass. My nuts were slapping against his cheeks, and my thighs making loud slapping noises as they met his thighs.
    As I picked up the pace the “uh” increased in unison. Sandy was jerking him quickly now, and Brian’s breathing and thrashing was getting quicker. “I’m gonna cum… Oh God.. Im gonna cum” Brian moaned. His big low hanging nutsack was now tight against his groin, each large egg sized nut on either side of his wide shaft. Brian thrust his hips up and into me, let out a low moan, as a jet of cum shot into his belly button, and his sphincter clamped hard around my dick. The grip lessened briefly, clamped again, and another shot came out. On the fourth volley, my orgasm began, and I pushed as deep as I could and enjoyed the waves of pleasure coursing through my whole body. I thrust a few more times involuntarily, and then collapsed onto Brians chest, feeling the warmth and wetness of his cum on my belly.
    I opened my eyes, and turned my head, and standing in my doorway was my roommate Ken, shaking his head. I smiled, and thanked him for letting the boys in.
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