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    So about the time I was twenty years old, I finally realized that I was willing to seriously date one man for a period of time. Sadly for this twenty year old, the man I fell in love with was a thirty-five year old married man. His wife was a airline stewardess and traveled often. He was hot, about nine inches uncut and furry...I love furry guys. He also happend to be a motorcycle cop (you'll need this info down the road : P). I normally would spend the night and we suck and fuck off and on through out the day.
    Then we started doing this thing, thing I mean fetish wise. At time I would cook or clean up for him, as long as he made me happy, I would help make him happy. So he bought me a pair of those motorcycle cop boots and would ask me to wear'em. I said,"Sure why not."
    Let me cut to the chase and stop boring you with needless information.
    One night I was cleaning the kitchen, wearing those boots and wearing a black thong with an open back apron(I think you spell it like that), with a nice tight tank top that stops firmly just before my belt line. As he enters the room, I notice him wearing his uniform, well except the pants :) O), yeah that's how my mouth was. He was smoking a cigar and was freshly showered. I tried not looking and pretended to be busy doing the dishes. He slowly approaches me from behind and starts nibbling on my neck, rubbing the back of my thighs. He whispers in my ear," I want your ass wrapped around my hard cock baby". I looked down at his cock and it was glistening with precum on the tip. I continued to play hard to get, but my cock was rising and giving way to my need to have him inside me. He inserted his cock beneath my thong, and was sliding it between my ass cheeks. More precum oozed out and I could feel it in the crack of my ass as he manipulated my nipples. I put everything down and gave him the attention his cock desired. I turned around and got on my knees. I then inserted his hungry uncut cock into my mouth, tasting his salty precum and smelling the odor of dick and balls. This only made me hornier. He ordered me to stand up and turn back around. He lubed his cock up and rubbed some on my asshole after he removed my thong. He gently inserted his thick uncut cock. I moaned in pleasure as he opened me up, and it wasn't long before he was sliding it in and out vigorously. He was much stronger and bigger than I, and was almost lifeting me up off the ground with just his stiff cock. There I was leaning up against the counter with an ass full of cock.
    We moved our romp into the bedroom where on the bed I lay, as I grabbed a pillow for comfort, he continued to assault my ass. Wrapping his arms around me from behind, thrusting in and out while rotating his hips. I could smell his wifes perfume or lotion in her pillow as I clutched it, I don't why this made me even more excited. I could feel him pumping and getting closer, and then all of a sudden he let out a large grunt and moaned," I'm gonna fuckin cum!". He collapsed on my back and I could feel his cock twitching with every shot of cum as he filled my ass with sperm. It was seconds later that I shot my load all over the sheets. I would lay there for hours enjoying his cum inside of me.
    Unfortunately this was our last fuck, he later told me that his wife noticed a pubic hair in the bed that didn't match hers or his. So she essentially found out he was cheating, just didn't know it was with a young man. I eventually moved away and I still own those boots after all these years. And occasionally I wear them while having sex.
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