My gay experimentation with Aditya.

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    da_blissmachine: I am at your home. You are sitting on the couch. I start to stare into your eyes and rub your bare feet. I lick your beautiful nose over and over and start to take off your shirt. When I finally get the whole thing off I rub your arm muscles. So sexy. Just right for me. I rub your smooth chest and back and rest my head on your beautiful silky tummy. I unbuckle your belt and remove it, then unsnap your jeans and reach my hand under to feel your pubes. Then I squeeze your butt while I unzip you with my lips and yank your pants all the way off. I can see your dick is sticking up hard inside your boxers. I press my closed eyes against your thigh as I slowly peal them off your body. You are completely naked now. I press my smooth bald head against your balls, then finger your ass with one hand while I move your foreskin up and down with the other hand’s fingers. I grip your penis and hold it close to my cheak. Then I can’t wait and shove your dick in my mouth, and move my lips up and down, up and down. Occasionally I take it out to lick your balls and move my tongue in circles around the tip of your cock. Your dick is hard and quivering, begging for more and more. I can taste the sweet taste of young brown penis. The feeling is so great you are leaning back and panting, almost screaming. Your eyes and legs are wide open. Its so great for you that your toes and fingers start to curl. I massage your sweet beautiful face while you move my face up and down your hard scepter of loving with your gentle hands. Finally the feeling is so overwhelming your wrists give out and you can’t grip my neck anymore. I pull your dick out and just rest the tip on my lower lip for a while. Just resting it while I move my hand slowly along the staff of your dick. The pink part of your dick is sticking straight out. Your retracted foreskin is wrinkling and moving with excitement. You ooze precum all over my lips and down my chin and neck. There must be over 20 milliliters, but you just won’t cum. Your balls are tight up against your body. Finally I give in and go down on you again. I’m bobbing my head up and down your schlong like a madman. Your ears wiggle. Your nose flares. You let out a scream of excitement and your muscles give way as your cock vibrates and lets out a ten second continuous stream of cum down my throat. It was the greatest orgasm of your life. Finally your dick goes floppy in my mouth. You are fast asleep now and I cuddle next to you to wait for the morning.
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