My gf gets off doing this!

Discussion in 'Show Off' started by littleguyhugedick, Nov 14, 2017.

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    Are there any other chicks like this? My gf like to show off my cock in malls etc. She gets me to wear my tightest jeans and put my cock over to the right, down my leg. I am only 5'8", 140 lbs with a giant one when hard. I hang 7" soft so you can see it easy. The cloth is worn out where I hang. I get a semi on cuz I know people are looking. Back to my gf. She likes to walk about 30 feet behind me and listen to what people are saying. SHE LOVES IT! Are there any other guys out there that have wives or girl friends that like to do this? I get followed all over the mall by guys and chicks. Even have phone numbers handed to me by both guys and chicks. Makes my gf SO HORNED UP we barely make it home to do it! She tells me what she heard people say on the way home. She is so WET when I go in. I don't need much lube.
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