My issues fade a little more everyday

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    The last real time I posted on LPSG it was about going to the doctors and such to help with my severe depression and anxiety issues.
    I've got it all straightened out though, and I am no longer a NEET(Not in Education, employment or in training.)

    I found out that taking 10% of the cover charge at bars doesn't pay my bills so being a fulltime musician is out of the quest ATM, we've all gotta have some kind of work outlet though, I think.

    I got my job back as a computer technician and for the most part my mal-aligned brain has reset itself, this is day 2 back on the job and I dont think I've ever come away from a job feeling more pumped up and happy about what I'm doing.

    Who wants to think happy thoughts about me? I have horrible social anxiety yet I'm a telecom-computer-troubleshooter.

    It feels good though; I love helping people and making them happy, but I also have a ton of friends that work with me and I'm making new friends everyday.

    Honestly, I didnt think it was possible, but against the odds I set for myself I have pushed through and I am making a huge impact on my part of this planet.

    Be it the joy of music or the mirth of a completely functioning computer I am here for people.

    PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE; that's what the world is, so why not try to make everyone happy? (within reason of course.

    BTW I've added some new photos so don't hesitate to check my photo album out, its at least good for a scan though.

    I'm not saying I'm perfect, I'll let the photo comments tell all about it though.

    I'm in better health, writing more poetry and songs not to mention I am making friends left and right.

    Honestly I didn't know I had the qualities people look for when they find friends, but out of 22 people I'll say 12 or 13 of them are good friends who enjoy to hear my thoughts, and I enjoying listening.
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