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    hi.....I decided it was time for me to write something new here.....I’ve been doing alot of thinking about my life today and how much I’ve changed over the years.....I never would have thought 10 years ago I would be doing what I am today......I guess my birthday coming up has something to do with it.....making mixes and having them played in other states, people asking me to remix songs for them (in other countries)......not only that but I am alot more confident than i was back then.....I try to be humble about what I do.....I’ve never had a big fact before I started doing my mixing I pretty much had no confidence in myself...... but people tell me I should be proud of how far I’ve come.....but sometimes ego can be a bad get overconfident and it sometimes eventually makes you a jerk......I’m not like that.... I don’t want to come across as cocky....all I can do is be me......I told a friend of mine last night that i don’t want to get a big ego because I’m afraid it’ll make people think I’m arrogant and that’s not something you want when you’re trying to break into the music business......I know there are people out there who don’t see me as having a brain or any sense of self....but trust me if you are someone who really knows me.....I have a pretty good sense of who I am.....I’ve made mistakes, I’ve done bad things in my life, but it made me a stronger person. and I learned from it..... which in the long run made me smarter....I think i am a very good friend i have a good heart and I do everything I can for someone I care about.....but sometimes people take my niceness and take it as stupidity....Yeah I may be too trusting at times....but that isn’t always a bad thing.....funny because I just got a message about a mix I did just as an expirement that didn’t turn out to be one of absolute best....this is what i wrote....."I admit, sometimes being different and standing out doesn’t always make you look good, but I just like trying new things......I like to do what alot of people don’t think of......I don’t want to be limited to one sound.....that’s just part of my creativity....I don’t care if not everyone likes everything I do.....that’s something I live with.....ok so this mix isn’t my best, I get it...but you never know till you try...and I just wanted to try something new and different......I don’t wanna get bored with what I am doing, so I am always taking risks with my mixes......i’ve got alot of songs being played in NY and they get a good reaction....New year’s Eve I had 3 songs played in 2 different states..that was a wonderful feeling......A few years ago I was basically ridiculed and made fun of for months because of a mix I did that didn’t turn out so great.....people went too far with that whole thing....but did I give up?? can admit I did something not everyone is gonna like.....but if you look at my body of work over on acidplanet you would see I’ve come a long way since then....People were going out of their way trying to make me lose faith in what i was doing and I basically said fuck you I’m not going anywhere.....I don’t try to make it sound like I am the greatest producer or remixer in the world...I know i’m not.I am still learning....I put alot of time into what i do.....after 7 years I can still say that..yes i’ve gotten way better than I was when I did a bad mix 4 years ago.....I am learning and growing and expirementing....yeah I can admit that this isn’t my absolute best work....but if you don’t take risks you’re gonna get bored with what you’re doing.....that is one thing I’ve learned being a Madonna’s funny because as i saw this message pop up i was thinking about where i was before i started doing what i do....I had no confidence in myself at all....but in 2 weeks i’m gonna be handing out demo Cds of my best work to some of the best Djs on the planet....I think that shows my growth in believing in what i do.......I told a friend of mine I didn’t wanna get a huge ego because I didn’t wanna seem cocky or arrogant because i am neither of those things...I’m just me.....i’m just Felix....if people wanna think of me as a bad remixer or producer or whatever the fuck let them because i know otherwise and i’ve proven it over and over again.......hey if someone doesn’t like the song just erase it and move on.....I did and I made a great mix after which is gonna be played in NY this weekend.....I’m not stressing...I’m happy.....People are so quick to turn on someone......yeah I admit too that i myself have been guilty of that....I know there are people who think i’m just some burnout....look anyway the point I am making....yeah I did a not so great mix ok I admit it...but it was just an expirement....i’ve got over 350 that are way one not so great one in a few years time is no big deal to me....doesn’t mean i’m not gonna stop taking chances and trying new things....I’ve got a long way to go and lots of other ideas...." and trust me I do.....
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