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    Hi, I’m Eric. Where to start the story of my life? Wow. Umm, first of all I was born in Fulda, Germany. I was born Eric Willingham and was adopted at age 4 or 5. I can’t remember. My birth father was in the war, hence why I was born in another country. Parents divorced and we moved back to the states before I even turned one year old. I never really got along with my new father, and actually I haven’t ever completely got along with all of my family. My sister never was nice to me, always either embarrassed by me or trying to be cool and would avoid me. I loved my mother as a child and hated the new father that stepped in and took her away. So, I never had a great father figure, which is the reason I long for a man in my life to love me. Not a choice, just the way it happened. Since I thought my mother had been taken away by the new dad, I tried my absolute hardest to be close to my only sibling, my sister, Heather. I did everything possible to fit in with her. I wore things she wore, I said things she said, I acted the way she did, I did it all. Hence the reason I’m not the worlds manliest guy out there. Heather continued to reject me year after year, and since my personality developed into a Heather-like personality, most of my friends growing up in school were girls. I didn’t quite fit in with all the guys. Yes I had some guy friends but I just didn’t fit in perfectly with all of them. All these family issues grew me into the gay guy I am now. Once again, this wasn’t my choice as some people would mistake it for; it was life and I had no control over it. Now, I’ve explained why I am who I am and it sounds rather sad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy. I’m proud to be who I am now and I strive to still be the best person that I can be. Though Mom says I’m going to hell or Heather still hates me, or Daddy still doesn’t understand me, I am Eric, and Eric is going to be who he is no matter what people say. I was born with a huge heart and it grows to love everyone around me. I long to be loved and accepted as I am. I will not change who I am for anyone so I’m hoping you all will love Eric for Eric. It’s who I am and all I can be. Accept me and respect me and I’ll be the nicest, funniest, most awesome guy you could ever dream of being around. I love my friends way more than I love my family because they all love Eric, not the vision of perfect Eric that my family sees. I have many guy and girlfriends now because people are more accepting now than in the old days. All my friends don’t care about how I act or that I look at guys instead of girls and I love it! I don’t feel like I have to be perfect when I am around them. My family, however, longs to see me perfected which will never happen; friends accept who I am and move along and I LOVE all of my friends to death! I’m very friendly so if anyone wants to chat it up feel free to message me! If you want to be friends, understand that I’ll ALWAYS be there for you and help you when you are down. Problems in my life have made me an incredibly strong guy and given me the heart to love people as they are. Hope you enjoyed the story of Eric, my crazy life. =)
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    Welcome Eric. That's quite an introduction - I can relate to much of it. As far as the friends versus family acceptance thing, I've faced the same, and have basically come to terms with the fact that I will never be close with any of my family. I am still working on accepting myself, and am slowly making rewarding friendships. It's inspiring to hear how positive you now are. Cheers.:wink:
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