My new album long overdue!

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    Hello everybody,

    I finally got around to creating an album continuing pics of my baby boomer RIC'ed cock. It's an ordinary Joe in size, but many people think I have an impressive mushroom glans. I certainly enjoy the pleasure I have derived from my circumcised penis since boyhood. He has been my best buddy and teacher in the ways of sexual pleasure and bestowing upon me an intimate knowledge of my male body. Some of you will perceive that I have an intense jock and cup fetish. I hope someday soon if I can enlist the help of a good buddy with a digital camera to take even more pics of my cock both flaccid and erect, and me wearing some jocks and cups that I have purchased since 2003 when the original pics in the album were made. Enjoy!

    My edited avatar indicates that I live in Washington DC with its iconic monuments and cherry blossoms. I live a couple miles northwest of the Washington Monument here in Georgetown.

    Take care,

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