My NSA moment (long) - Part I

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    (I hear the home phone as I’m climbing the stairs from my office. I don’t get there before the answer machine turns on, and I hear over the speakerphone my wife picks up from the other room. It’s her cousin Shannon from California. Shannon is 48, 16 years younger than my wife, but since neither of them had a sister, they are quite close, especially considering the age difference. All the names have been changed to protect the guilty!)

    My wife: Hello?
    Shannon: Hi Terry!
    Terry: Hey baby! How are you?
    Shannon: I’m good. We haven’t talked for a while.
    Terry: No, I’m sorry. I’m happy to hear from you.
    Shannon: Remember Edward? I told you about him?
    Terry: The man at your church, right? (Shannon belongs to a Brazilian Christian sect that employs powerful psychoactive drugs as “sacraments” btw).
    Shannon: Yep, that’s him. We’re going together!
    Terry: You mean you’re having sex?
    Shannon: Oh boy are we! And guess what?
    Terry: What?
    Shannon: He’s huge! Really hung! The biggest guy I’ve ever been with!
    Terry: Oh, wow! How big?
    Shannon: Oh maybe 8 inches long, but incredibly thick and the biggest head on a cock I’ve ever seen! When he’s fully erect it’s like it’s one-third of his cock, and it looks like a mushroom because it’s so big!
    Terry: Oh, my! Sounds wonderful!
    Shannon: Oh, it is! I can’t even get the head in my mouth, I have to lick him up and down and outside. I’m not used to that.
    Terry: Well I can tell you how to blow a guy with a big cock, if I can remember!
    (LOL both)
    Shannon: I just have a small mouth, and he’s, he’s, well I just didn’t know they came that BIG! If I could unhinge my jaw I might manage to get the head in my mouth, but it’s tough not to get teeth and he doesn’t like that.
    Terry: No, guys don’t like teeth action, that’s for sure!
    (LOL both)
    Terry: So he’s really, really thick, huh?
    Shannon: Oh my god! He’s long, too, but the thickness, and the size of the head, oh wow!
    Terry: So you’ve fucked him?
    Shannon: Yes! But it took almost two months before I’d let that monster in me! I thought he’d rip me in two!
    Terry: Is he rough?
    Shannon: Oh, no! He couldn’t be more gentle. It really took me a while before I could handle him, though.
    Terry: You doing all right now?
    Shannon: Yeah!
    (LOL both)
    Shannon: We use lots of lube! Plus, he gets me turned on by eating me and he’s really, really gentle.
    Terry: Oh gosh, I’m glad to hear you’re having fun you were due to experience a huge cock. What happened with Bill?
    Shannon: Oh, I told Bill I wanted to take a break. Guy is 50, lives with his mother and visits massage parlors. Plus, I never thought about it before, compared to Edward he’s tiny! I mean, he’s average or maybe a little small, but geez with Edward…anyway, I like Bill he always works hard to make sure I’m satisfied but for right now I want to concentrate on Edward. Bill’s not going anywhere.
    Terry: Probably not. So are you using protection?
    Shannon: No. Edward says he’s exclusive with me.
    Terry: Well, that’s nice! I thought he had a lot of women in his life?
    Shannon: Well, none that he’s involved with sexually.
    Terry: What about his ex-wife?
    Shannon: Eve and he have been broken up around 20 years or so. Anyway, Eve’s a lesbian.
    Terry: So she says!
    Shannon: Well she has a partner.
    Terry: There was a fiancée too, right?
    Shannon: Christine. But they hadn’t had sex for like seven years before they broke up last year.
    Terry: Oh my girl do you believe everything he says?
    Shannon: Well Christine is engaged to be married and is pregnant.
    Terry: So who’s the father?
    (LOL both)
    Shannon: No, really Edward and Christine are just friends and anyway Christine helps out with Michael (Edward and Eve have a developmentally disabled son named Michael now in his early 20’s).
    Terry: Didn’t you say there was that other woman he was banging that helps care for Michael?
    Shannon: Oh, Stacey. Well, yeah. He used to date her before he started seeing me. She went with Edward to visit his folks last month.
    Terry: What! They had sex, too, didn’t they?
    Shannon: Well, Edward admitted it to me. But he doesn’t like Stacey and he says he’s not interested in her.
    Terry: Unless she’s around and you’re not!
    Shannon: Oh stop it. Edward is just so present when we’re together, so emotionally available he’s not like any other man I’ve been with. There has to be trust, you and Fred have it, don’t you?
    Terry: Well Fred’s not walking around with a salami between his legs and there aren’t at least three other women sniffing around him. I sure hope Edward doesn’t hurt you!
    Shannon: I can take that a number of ways!
    (LOL both)
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    Nov 1, 2005
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    ---Continuance of above---Forget the "Part I"...

    Terry: Didn’t you say all the women in your church were attracted to him?
    Shannon: Well, that’s true. Young and old all the women certainly like him. Eve says everyone knows Edward is huge.
    Terry: How is that?
    Shannon: Eve told everyone! Anyway, it’s tough to keep secrets in such a small, tightly knit community like our church. That’s one down-side, everyone knows your business. Also, it’s a little different for me, usually I’m the pursued instead of the pursuer, in this case one among many. I think I’m the most attractive available woman in our church, though.
    Terry: So, who’s not available? How old is this Stacey? What does she look like?
    Shannon: Stacey’s his age, 58. She’s not ugly. Taller than me. I know she doesn’t like me but Edward said he’s not interested in her.
    Terry: So, does he make you come?
    Shannon: No.
    Terry: What?!
    Shannon: No, it’s different, it’s ultra-intense, it’s mind-blowing but it’s not like when I have an orgasm, it’s different. He doesn’t come much, either.
    Terry: How’s that? He’s donating sperm to all the other babes?
    (LOL both).
    Shannon: No, he just doesn’t always come he says he doesn’t need to. Sometimes, when we’ve taken the sacrament, he can’t come either.
    Terry: Must be pretty exciting when he does get going, though!
    Shannon: Oh yes! He just explodes it feels like someone has turned on a high-pressure fire hose in my pussy!
    Terry: When I was with big guys, sometimes I’d swoon, or laugh, or pass out it would be that intense.
    Shannon: Yes! It just makes me faint away. It’s a different experience. Plus, he can fuck for hours and hours, I mean, he’s 58 but he can stay hard forever.
    Terry: Some big guys have no finesse, though.
    Shannon: Not Edward! God, he really knows how to move, he fills me up and hits all the spots, places I didn’t know I had! I just quiver afterwards. His dick is just so powerful, it’s amazing!
    Terry: How about positions? Some positions are tough with a big cock.
    Shannon: Well it’s mostly missionary, some with me on top and some spooning, you know?
    Terry: I really used to like doggy with a big dick. Marty West, he would make me laugh when he fucked me doggy.
    Shannon: Oh gosh not doggy, I think he’s too big for that. I don’t think I could take it.
    Terry: I think Marty was longer than Edward, Marty said he was twelve inches I don’t believe him but he sure was long, but not nearly as thick. Marty, he could fuck forever, too but he always came! Of course, he was in his early twenties, not almost sixty! I like them long rather than thick, I don’t like dicks that are too thick. Once I was at a nudist colony with this guy he wasn’t that long but he was super-thick, I didn’t like it, or him, at all. What about when he eats you? Do you come then?
    Shannon: No, it’s funny, it’s not about “coming” like with other guys. I mean, some guys can make we come with their tongues, some can make me come with their cocks, some can do both, he doesn’t do either but Holy Mother he really lights my fire!
    Terry: You go, girl! Getting your chimes rung! Good for you! Getting the big one!
    Shannon: I’m really happy, Terry. It’s really something new for me. I haven’t had all the big dicks you’ve had! Don’t you miss it?

    (Recording time all used, message machine full, cuts off. I never hear my wife’s answer. They went on talking another hour or so. I didn’t let my wife know I’d overheard that part of the conversation. I listened to it one more time before I erased it)
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    I think you need to let your wife know, so she can transcribe the rest of the conversation and all future calls with "Shannon". Thanks.:smile:
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