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    So when I was a kid I had an adhesion, a mistake sometimes seen from bad circumcisions. It's a small piece of skin connected right before the foreskin out beyond the rim of the head of the penis. The doctor said most of the time it falls off naturally by itself, but mine didn't. It stopped me from getting hard or jerking off. Before the surgery, I would get horny without a visible result in my penis because of the adhesion--I was very confused at what the fuck was going on.
    I went into surgery to have it removed when I was 13 years old (8th grade). I've always wondered such a condition affects the growth of your penis as you're growing up? If I never had an adhesion, would my dong be larger now than it is?
    I measure about 6.75" by 4.5". It's a decent enough size, especially as you learn how to use it.
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