My S/O past sexual history

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    Is anyone else turned on the their lovers past sexual experiences? We talk alot about our past sex lives and nothing turns me on more than what he did when he was younger. We were driving home today and we started to talk about the really light skinned black guy who helped us at checkout time. I mentioned how cute he was and my man agreed. I told him I always hat the hots for that type of guy.

    He started to tell me a story about these two brothers he used to mess around with when he was younger. The story progressed to the point he admited him and his brother and these two other brothers used to screw around all the time. He said they did it all the time. If your gonna rag on the incest thing go away now please.

    He had told me at one time him and his bro used to mess around alot when they were young, I think it is pretty hot. His brother is not bad looking and they are pretty much hung the same, different curves though. Long story on how I got to see both.

    The thought of these four guys going at it is a huge turn on, The thought that they were related was even hotter. By the time he was done telling the story, I had pre cummed through my shorts and had a huge wet spot.

    Is anyone else turned on by the lovers past? I am so turned on by his story I can hardly wait to get him undressed.
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