My Sweden trip!

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    My Sweden trip with my work was an adventure. We where travelling to Sweden to party. We was 6 guys and 1 girl who had a big budget to spend in 2 days. I work as a Salesman, so we are not most known to beeing smart with the money. ha!

    The first night we arrived to Gothenburg we was going to this club and party all night. We had ordered a tabel with load of drinks. I was seeing this hot girl in the bar alone. One thing I`ve learned is that the hottest girls never gets checked up, because the men is afraid of rejection. But the fact is they are the easiest one to get in the bed.

    I walked up to here, sat down on the seet beside her and asking here why she looked so lonley. She sat there and starred on her drink and said she had broke up with her boyfriend and was`nt in the mood to have fun! She was there with a group of friends, but they where all dancing without here. She was hot! She was a stereotype of swedish perfection. Tanned, long legged, crazy body, and a sweet face and naturally platina blond.

    As the good salesman I am, im pretty good to talk to people and I said if she come to a club like this, she must had the intentions to have fun and she agreed. I told her to shot here drink and come to dance with me and she looked me in the eyes and said "why not?"

    When we arrived to the dancefloor we began to dance dirty. Im pretty well trained and have big hands. I took my hands on here waist and she grinded me up and down. She became a new person from that silence girl she was in the bar. We danced in 4 hours! making out, she was taking her hands outside my pants just teasing me with her eyes and smile. I was becoming rock hard and i was ready to "close" the deal as we say in sales-language. I told here that I had a room ona hotel nearby and that we should get going.

    She looked at me, she was insecure since she had ended a 3 years relationship last week and she wasnt that type who had one night stands. I said fair enough, but we could just sleep and cuddle a bit. She talked with her friends telling that she would leave with me to the hotel. I thought JACKPOTT!!

    When we arrived the hotelroom we stared to make out, she took of her clothes and lied down on the bed. Starring on me. She was so smoking hot!
    I stand right in front of her and took of my clothes, she was silent. Then i took og my underwear silently, because i sleep naken. And she started to moan. She was shocked and starred at my long flaccid dick. I just smiled to her and lied down with her. She was still shocked and said it was by far the biggest dick she had ever seen. I asked her to shut her mouth and started to kiss her and took her hand round my dick. She started to breath heavy and I kept going kissinh her neck. Before I i had time to asked what here name was she crawled down to my dick and I heard again that she couldnt believe the size of my dick. She was staring at it for a time, and then she took it in her mouth. I could tell she was not used to my size, because I could feel her teeth scratch my dick. It was a littl painfull but I just let her play with it to it became rock hard. She looked at me abit afraid and told me she was going to die if I fucked her.

    When i thougt i had her she told me she had her period and she couldt have sex. My heart was broken. haha! I had this hothot girl in my bed, and was cockblocked by "aunt red". I said it was fine and we could just cuddle and fall asleep because it was very late and she had a handballmatch early the next day.

    The next day I followed her to her buss and we agreed to meet tonight at the same club. I was so tired!

    Later that day we wnt to the club and she was`nt there. So i started to dance with other girls and had a good time. Just flirting which I love. I was dancing with a girl when i suddenly felt someone dragging me and I turned over and there she was with a hot friend of her. She was a brunette, a bit of latino blood in her with great body, and big lips. I started to dance with them both and making out with them both. My friends from my work was so jealous. The blonde asked if they both could come with me back to the hotel. I said hell yeah!!

    We arrived to the hotel room and the blonde girl sat down. It was clearly that she had told her friend what I had in my pants because the brunett smiled and starred down on my dick. She went down and and took of my pants and my underwear. Se look at it, looked back at her blond friend and was shocked. They where both laughing. She began to suck me gentle, while the blonde girl watching.

    I looked at the blonde and said she could come and jooin and suddenly I had to hot girls sharing my dick. They both undressed thereself and starting to make out with eachother. I was in heaven! The brunette was dominate and pushed me on the bed starting to blow me hard while the blonde licked her. The brunette got on top of me and pushed my hard dick inside her gentle. I could see she had it abit painfull, but she didnt care. se started to ride me carefull and the blonde let me play with her boobs. They switched and the blonde come on top of me. While I licked the brunette. The blonde kept saying I was so much bigger than her ex. we switched positions during the night and we kept going for hours. After we where finnish they was so tired and so soar that they slept right away. My dick was tired and exhausted. I had two hot girls sleeping on each side of me. naked!

    The next day I met a buddy from work in the ellevator and he was just smiling. haha! I walked with the girls to the buss and they walked funny. They said they was so soar that it was painfull, but they loved the sex with me.
    and then i rememberd I didnt know what their name was so I asked them. We all just lauged and they gave me their numbers. They went with the bus and i had my "walk of fame" back to the hotel. When i came back I had a message on the phone from the blonde thanking me for the great sex and she would love to come to me in Norway.

    It was my best experience ever. I felt it all just a pornscene, cus it was just so unreal. I still have contact with the two girls and they want me to come back in the christmas vacation.

    Hoped you enjoyed my story:)
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    great story man! Sounds like you and the ladies enjoyed yourselves! haha
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