My wife scheduled an unforgettable event

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    doubtless_mouse: Here is my first attempt at writting fiction...

    It was unbelievable. I still can’t understand how it happened. While I never told them about it, it was always one of my greatest fantasies and it was about to come true. But before I tell you about that, I guess I should explain.

    It all started about three weeks ago, when I came home from a night out drinking with friends, and my wife, Chika asked me where we went. I explained that we bar hopped earlier in the evening and then ended up at one of my favorite live houses. The band plays oldies (50’s, 60’s and some 70’s) music and is made up of 5 good looking Japanese women and 3 Japanese men. I told her we had a good time and didn’t think anything more of it. About a week went by, and my wife asked me who Machi was. I had to think about it for a minute but then I realized she was one of the girls that played at the live house. I told her and asked her why. She said some girl named Machi had called the house asking for me. I was confused as I didn’t give her the number. Chika asked me if anything was going on between us, and I explained that I was not having an affair and I didn’t know how Machi go our number. She said she believed me and again I didn’t think anymore of it.

    Two more weeks went by, and my wife said that Machi had called again and again my wife asked me if I was having an affair with Machi. I told her that I wasn’t sleeping around on her and that I still didn’t know how Machi had gotten our number. I thought maybe one of my drinking buddies was screwing around with me and told Chiko as much. She said she believed me and then said she had to run some errands and would be back in about two hours. I read a book and took a short nap after she left. When I woke up, Chika was sitting on the edge of the couch wearing one of her lacy bras and a thong. I was a little startled as Chika is normally not one to start a love making session in the middle of the day, but I didn’t let that bother me.
    Chika is a knock-out. She is Japanese, keeps her beautiful black hair medium length and is about 5’2” tall and weighs about 90 lbs. She has the most perfect set of 34C breasts of any women I have ever known. She stays in shape so her 90 lbs is almost all toned muscle.

    I pulled her over to me and we began to kiss. She immediately reached down and pulled my cock out of my pants and pushed me back onto the couch. She sat down between my legs and licked the base of my cock working her tongue up and down the shaft. She sucked the head into her mouth and started to suck it in short strokes. Once she got the head lubed up pretty good, she pulled her mouth off my cock with a little popping sound. She reached down with one hand and started massaging my balls then bent down to put one in her mouth, while stroking my cock with her other hand. She alternated between sucking my balls and my cock head for a few minutes then stood up and mounted my cock. She straddled my legs and took all of me in one clean plunge. I was surprised, as she normally has to have a couple of orgasms before she can take my 8 inch cock. Today she was really worked up and didn’t need any foreplay though. She started to rock back and forth on my cock and I could tell she was enjoying herself by the look in her eyes. But then after another couple of minutes, she looked at me with a strange look. It was more wanton than anything I had ever seen in her eyes before. I asked her if she was alright, and she just looked at me and sat down even further on my cock, saying she just really wanted to fuck me. Chika was really getting off by now and I thought was going to come soon. She then stood up and my cock flopped down on my stomach with a splat. She was really wet today; my balls were even dripping with her come. She bent over and at the same time pulled me up and began to back up onto my cock. I pushed forward into her and she just about came immediately. We worked up to a good rhythm and were starting to sweat from the exertion. She was emitting these little mewing sounds and started to breath heavily. She pushed back into my cock so strongly that I fell back onto the couch. She never missed a beat though, she just reached back and grabbed my cock and sat back onto it. This was by far one of the best fucks of my life. I was trying to figure what had happened to my wife. She started to grind her hips in circular motions on my cock first clockwise then counterclockwise. Within a minute she came again yelling, “Iku, Iku ahhhh” Japanese for I’m coming and then I exploded deep inside her. We fell over onto the couch and took a few minutes to catch our breath. She looked back at me over her shoulder and said, “I really love you, you know that right?” I thought huh, what’s going on. I said, “I know you love me, are you ok?” I was a little worried that she was going to tell me she was leaving me or something, but instead she just said, “I just wanted that big cock, I’m not sure why, but at the store I got really horny and had to rush home to fuck you.”

    I was really shocked as Chika rarely if ever talked like that. I was starting to get hard again just thinking about her this way. I started to push into her and she pulled away and said I had to wait until later that night for seconds. I was a little disappointed but as she had just given me one of the best fucks I had ever had, I really didn’t mind. I had to go into work for a couple of hours anyway so I got ready and left. Work was busy and when I realized that I wasn’t going to make it home for dinner I called Chika to let her know. She said it was ok, but would I mind if she went out to eat with some friends. I said yeah and that I would grab something on the way home from work and would see her when I got home.

    When I finally got home from work, Chika was asleep on the couch; I decided to take a shower and woke her up to let her know I was going to bed. She said she would be to bed in a few minutes as she wanted to take a shower as well. I read a book for a few minutes, and then turned off the lights to go to sleep. Just as I started to doze off my wife walked into the bedroom. I wasn’t sure; but something about her seemed different. She crouched down in front of the bed and slowly crawled onto the bed, spread my legs apart and laid down with her face in my crotch. She roughly grabbed my dick and started to stroke it and lick it. Something was different but as it was starting to feel good I just relaxed and enjoyed. As I started to grow to full length, she let out a little yelp, like she was surprised by the size of my cock, but she quickly stuffed it in her mouth and tried to swallow the whole thing. I wanted to watch Chika give me head as she was doing it different than normal, so I reached up and turned on the lights.
    As my eyes adjusted to the brightness, I realized what was so different about Chika’s techniques tonight. Sitting between my legs sucking my cock wasn’t my wife, but instead Machi from the bar. She was wearing my wife’s black bustier and matching g-string. I didn’t know what to say or do so I pushed her away and jumped out of bed. I was just standing there at the side of the bed when Chika walked into the bedroom wearing her white bustier and g-string. Chika and Machi giggled a little and Chika sat down on the end of the bed. Machi moved over close to her and started stroking her legs. Chika reached up and pulled me over to her so that my cock was in her face. She slowly started to lick the tip of my cock head and swirl the pre-come around. Machi reached over and while still stroking Chika’s legs with one hand, started to caress my balls. Chika stopped licking my cock long enough to let Machi have a taste. I wasn’t sure what to do but as I had these two beautiful Asian women obviously comfortable sharing me, I went for it. I reached down and pushed Chika’s legs apart and started to run my hands over her pussy. Every now and then Machi’s hand would find its way from Chika’s leg to her pussy and she would tickle Chika’s clit through her g-string. Chika started to push her mound against our hands and I could feel how wet she was through the fabric of her g-string. My cock was still in Machi’s mouth, and she was starting to push forward on my cock trying to take more of it. Chika pulled Machi off my cock and said, “Yukuri shinai to...” (Japanese for you need to go slowly). I pushed both of them up into the center of the bed, and lay down so that my face was in Machi’s pussy. I pulled the fabric covering her pussy to the side and looked at her pussy - not only was she completely shaved, but she had a piercing as well. I could her smell her, she smelled a little different than Chika but really good. I started to lick her clit and at the same time kept a hand on Chika’s pussy as well. I took turns licking/fingering both of them until they both came at the same time. Chika sat up and said, “Machi do you want him to fuck you?” Machi looked at me and Chika then at my hard-on and just shook her head yes vigorously. Chika moved over to the side of the bed, and Machi took center stage on the bed, massaging her breasts and pulling on her nipples. I positioned myself between her legs with the head of my cock resting on her pubic bone. Chika told me to be careful with Machi as she had never been with someone as big as me before. I slowly reached down and started to pull the g-string off Machi. She lifted her hips off the bed and hunched down a little to get comfortable.

    Once Machi was ready, I rubbed the tip of my cock on her pussy lips and she about came from that alone. I slowly pushed into her a few centimeters at a time making sure she was comfortable with my cock. When I was about half-way in, she started shuddering and screaming, “Iku, Iku, Iku.” I was still in shock that this was even happening; because, while Chika is good in bed, she is very conservative and I would never have thought she would go for something like this. After a few more minutes, I had about 3/4 of my cock in Machi. I slowly pulled out and started slowly pumping in and out of her, being careful not to try and go all the way to the hilt. We changed positions a few times and I realize that she was ready for a little more cock. I pushed in slowly until she stoped breathing for a second, her eyes went really wide and she started to shudder again. All this time Chika is just watching and rubbing her clit. After Machi stopped shuddering, Chika leaned over and started to lick her nipples. Watching my beautiful wife lick another woman’s nipples was the most erotice thing I had ever seen and it sent me over the edge. I pushed all the way into Machi and exploded in the most powerful orgasm of my life.
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    Hot story. Keep 'em cumming.....
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