Naked Truck Driver Part 2

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    hunglvr: Just a quick add on, but wanted to keep your attention.

    As his rig came to a stop, I pulled up alongside, parked my motorcycle alongside his trailer. The passenger door to the cab popped open, abd I approached. As I came to the entrance of the door and looked up, the same broad smile was still on his face, and a hand extended for me to grab. I took no time reaching up as he helped pull me up into the cab. There he was, tan skin, glistening golden brown fur on his well developed chest that trailed down to a stomach that had a small protrusion. 'All those miles on the road' I thought, but at the same time it only added to his charm. Made him more real somehow. I floowed down to his legs and saw that indeed, there were no shorts pulled down, but he was entirely naked! Oh, my god! I thought. The full thighs were the same delicious tan, and the fuzzy hair the same golden brown. His cock still erect, but not as hard, but still definetly aroused. At the tip, starting to pool around the foreskin was and immense amount of precum.
    "Beau. Nice to meet ya'," he half purred, half chuckled.
    "Nice to meet you! You stole my attention," I said.
    I was so taken by his genuine sexy bearing, I felt stunned. So glad he had pulled over. As I was taking this all in, he continued his pull of me up into the cab all the way.
    "Close the door, so we have no surprises," he said.
    "No problem. This surprise is enough for me today."

    As he released my hand, his gaze continued into my eyes. "Out for a pleasure ride?" he asked.
    "Sort of," I replied. "But it looks like the pleasure is just about to start." I looked down at his crotch, and gave a sly smile of my own.
    "Get those shorts off and let's climb in the back," he ordered.
    "Cool." I responded. "I'd like to get to know you too," I teased.
    With one smooth move, he swung his body up out of the seat and rearward towards the opening to his quarters in the back of the cab. I could see a comfortable looking bed, and here is where his clothes had been tossed. I began to undress from where I was and quickly moved to join him. He again reached for my hand as I moved to the back, this time pulling me towards him, not letting go until i lay on told of him, our mouths close together. I moved in as his mouth parted. Our lips caressing eact others, tongues gently teasing. Then deep probing kisses began. A moan coming from him as he was clearly enjoying this as much as me.

    My hand moved up to rest on his chest, the muscles full and firm under my touch. His nipples hard and jutting out away from his pecs looked like they ached to be sucked. My other hand reached down to grasp his thigh as his arm slid around my back, pulling me in colse. Our bellies pressed together, dicks entwined, balls melting together. Both our hips began to move in towards the other's and I dropped my chest down to be up against his.
    "Hmmmm" he moaned. I let out a deep sigh, and nestled more fully into him. "Been on the road a month, just unloaded south of here a few miles. I have the next couple of days off. Headed towards home," he explained.
    "You always drive naked?" I asked.
    "Soon as I get out of a city and on the open road, off comes the shirt, the pants- I never wear underwear... and then I settle back, more comfortable. I'm a nudist at heart. Peel off clothes every chance I get. They suffocate me." he explained.

    "Yeah, I be you get a lot of attention that way. Especially with your foot up, resting on the dash. Hard not to notice you. Immediately you begin to wonder just how unclothed you are!"
    "Yeah, I get a lot of strange looks. Some linger around like you did. Others avert their eyes and 'pretend' not to notice. But them I see them slyly try to sneek back a look. A lot of conservative Republicans out on the road I guess. They want to look like the are aghast, but there as turned on as anyone else. Maybe more!" He laughed.
    "You're just a tease, aren't you?" I replied.
    "Got your attention, I see," as he snaked his arm down between us grabbing hold of my cock that by now had intents of its own. "C'mere. Let me give you some of my attention."

    ............All for now. Got to go to work!
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    I cant wait for part 3 I love it
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    Keep it coming..... ;)
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