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    hunglvr: This is part true, part made up. You decide where to draw the line...

    I was going down the road on my motorcycle, dressed in shorts and a loose top when I noticed in the slow lane a big rig with the name Styker on the trailer. I immediately thought of Jeff Stryer, and had to shift in the seat to adjust myself to a sudden swelling in my cock. I sped up a little and noticed the driver had his lft foot propped up on the dash as he was driving and it was bare! A truck driver barefoot? hmmm. Closer inspection revealed bare legs as well... shorts? Nothing at all? Another look and no shirt! by now, my cock was at full attention! I was so intriqued.
    I cruised along side him for awile and noticed a rainbow triangle decal on the window. Now I was really curious. He looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back. I hung out there a enjoying the view, my mind racing, my cock swelling, and looked for a sign of interest. I really wanted to know was he naked driving down the road? I stayed even with his side window, trying to get a glimpse of his waist, but being on a bike and lower, there was not much more revealed. I thought, maybe he would shift his hips up out of the seat, give me a peek. He would glance down now and then, seeing me eyeball him, but he was playing it cool.

    A weigh station was up ahead, and sure enough, he was going to have to pull over and have his load weighed. I thought, shit! We just started having fun. I saw his signal to pull off and his rig move over towards the exit. I had to think fast. He was pulling off. As I looked ahead, the on ramp after the exit had a large area off to the side where trucks could pull off after being weighed. Should I pull off and wait for him to get out of the station? I thought, what the hell? Why not? So I moved over to the side of the road and came to a stop.

    After several trucks moved back on the hiway. I could see in my side view mirror his truck moving back on the road. I let him get on the road and settle into the lane. I began to move forward, making my way back on to the road, then moved over in the next lane to pass. As I came up alongside him again, he looked down, saw me, and a big grin broke out on his face. He saw me, he was interested, he was smiling. Good signs. His brown tan skin, light brown fur on his chest, goatee, windswept hair across his forehead were a site to behold. And what was out of view that I couldn't see? Then he shifted in his seat and began to lift his hips out of the seat, elevating them to the just the height of the bottom of the window. There it was, this huge weighty cock, foreskin covering the tip, fully engorged and extended. It looked to be at least a nine incher, and thick too. Veins popping out along the whole shaft. He had hold of it at the base and was waggining it in my direction for me to see. Definitely interested.

    Up ahead, another exit immerged as we were moving out futher, away from the city. Lots of open space alongside the road. Would he stop again, pull over for be to get an up close view of his tool? I let the accelerator off a little and slowed. Gradually the rear of his trailer came into view. There it was, his turn signal; the exit just a little bit further down the road.........

    To be continued? What do you think? Should I go on?
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    Absolutely! This could "turn" into something delicious.
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    Dont stop there need more
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