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    Funny story.....and true!

    I go to the gym here in NYC on west 57st. Anyway, even though I live in NYC, I never expect to see someone famous, at least not at my gym.
    One Saturday night, late, I was at the gym and I remember seeing this guy with a baseball hat looking at me. I remember being struck by the fact that he was wondering around with a baseball hat on ( kinda unsual when your working out).
    I'm not sure if when I looked at him, he took it the wrong way ( "lookin for sum action") because everywhere I sat, he would sit at the machine nearest by and have "that" look. Anyways when he started doing this, I was alittle annoyed cuz I really was'nt lookin for any "action" but I did want to get a good look at him. When I saw him, I kept thinking to myself " I know this guy from some where" maybe from work or something, but I just kept on thinking this.
    I did'nt want to stare any more, cuz I did'nt wanna to send out the wrong signal, but I just could'nt get rid of this thought.
    A week later when I was walking down the block and crossing the street, suddenly I remember where I saw this man from ( This is normally how I remember things, it'll hit me at the weirdest times) this was the guy I seen on that soap One Life to live.

    What threw me off, was the fact that he was'nt nearly as clean shavin in person as he is at the gym. I saw him again a week later with his friend ( every time I see him he always has a friend with him). I don't think anyone noticed who he was, besides there are no women around late Saturdays. If they were I know he would have been bombarded for autograghs.

    This is him:

    This is his website:
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    Maybe he was copying your gym routine?
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