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NB's Sex Chronicles: Ashleigh

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by NottsBound, May 29, 2010.

  1. NottsBound

    NottsBound Well-Known Member

    May 29, 2010
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    Its amazing how long these end up. With my last story hitting 4 and a half pages, I figured it was probably gonna be the longest I would write ever. I was wrong. This beast ended up just over 5 pages. I got the idea for this one as I was driving home last night and the song "Troubadour" by George Strait came on the radio. So please, enjoy the story of Ashleigh and the Troubadour.

    I was playing at the Harvest Tavern last Thursday. It was an average night and having been a musician for many years now, I’m more than used to the fact that women love men in a band. Yet whether by unconscious choice, or stubborn will, I never let myself fall victim to any of these lose women. They were just too easy, I guess you could say. Maybe that’s why she was so attractive to me. While close to a couple hundred men and women swarmed around the stage, she was just sitting there at the bar as we played. She was almost oblivious to us up there playing our set. Sure, I saw her tap her foot to the beat now and then, but for the most part she was more interested in the bubbles in the head of her pint than us up on stage.

    So after our set, I went over to the bar to get a drink. A couple young college girls came up to me and flashed me. I smirked and told them thanks, and then went back to my rum and coke. Needless to say my overwhelming gratitude wasn’t the response they wanted, and they walked off, middle fingers in the air. Fine by me. Anyway, the woman I wanted to talk to was still staring off into the yellow-tan foam in her glass. She was sitting 3 barstools down from me. She seemed, at first glance to be just an average woman. She looked somewhere around five-four, had light brown hair, and had a decent figure. She was wearing blue jeans, a black short-sleeved top, and black leather boots. I sat there for a moment and pondered what to say to her.

    “You plan on staring at me all night, or are you finally going to say something to me?” It took a moment for it to sink in that she was talking to me.

    “Who says I was looking at you?” I said, trying hard to cover the fact that I was caught staring. She took a big gulp of her beer, put the glass down, and turned to look right at me.

    “Oh, so all those time you looked over here while you were playing your little guitar, you were looking at the jukebox over in the corner?” She pointed off behind me.

    “Well, no…I was looking at you. I just-”

    “Just what? Were planning your conquest? Thinking of what I’d be like in the sack? I hate to disappoint, bud, but you’re getting mighty ahead of yourself there.” She grabbed her glass and chugged down the last of it.

    “Wait now, just a minute! Ahead of myself? Listen to you! You’ve judged me before I even opened my mouth!” I retorted. I got up off my stool and moved up next to her. “I’ll have you know that since I’ve been performing, not once have I ever slept with the women who throw themselves at me. I just found it intriguing that you were only woman here who didn’t seem to be with anyone who wasn’t trying to climb up on stage with us.”

    “Like I’m supposed to believe that?”

    Fuck! What’s with this chick? I thought. “Uh, yah?” I sat there bewildered. “Seriously! I mean, don’t get me wrong! You are an attractive woman and all. Just that wasn’t my intention!”

    “Heh, I’m not sure whether to feel insulted or glad that I finally met a performer who’s not a pig.”

    “Come on. I’m really not a bad guy. What do I have to do to prove that I didn’t have ulterior motives?” I asked.

    “You could start with buying me another drink and asking my name before you get much harder.” She pointed down at my crotch.

    “Huh?” I looked down and realized that I had indeed gotten aroused. “Oh my God, I didn’t even realize! I’m sorry! You’re attractive, yah, and I guess subconsciously…but no! I didn’t-”

    “Its ok. I’m just fucking with you at this point. I believe you…I think. Ask me again after another beer.” She smiled and laughed, waving down the bartender. “I’ll have another, thank you. And put it on his tab.” She pointed at me. The bartender looked at me to confirm and I just nodded my approval. Its not like I could actually get away with saying no. She looked back at me. “You still haven’t asked my name.”

    “Oh, um. So, what’s your name?” I asked.

    “There, that wasn’t so hard now was it? My name is Ashleigh. You?”

    “Allen. Allen Summers,” I responded.

    “Well then, Mr. Summers, I suppose this is the part where you and I start talking like old friends, get plastered, and then go back to your place and screw till the sun rises? That is how this works, is it not?”

    “Let’s start with the ‘plastered’ part and cross those other bridges when we come to them.” I waved down the bartender. “A shot of Cuervo, please.” I turned back to Ashleigh. “So really. Why did you hang back here during our show?”

    “Same reason as always. I just don’t see what all the fuss is about. Its not that I didn’t enjoy your guys’ songs. Actually, I rather enjoy them. Especially that one about the trucks racing down the dirt road…what is the name of it?”

    “Quarter Mile.”

    “Yah, that’s the one. I kinda always picture myself as the girl that starts the race. The whole cutoff jeans and bikini top look. Not that I ever actually dress like that. Just a little fantasy. But anyway, I just wanted to sit down while you played. No sense in wearing myself out fighting with that crowd.”

    So anyway, Ashleigh and I talked for another hour or two, and we most definitely got plastered. We chugged a few Jaegerbombs together, and followed those up with a few more shots of cheap vodka. She confessed to me that she actually came to every one of our shows here in the past 2 years. In the past, it was with her boyfriend, but he had left her a few months back for some young college thing in a short skirt and likely no underwear. Ashleigh herself was 27 years old to my 31, and worked as a secretary for some business analyst downtown. Around 1:45, the bartender made the last call and she asked me to walk her home. I don’t know why I said yes, but there was something about her that assured me that there was no harm in just walking her home. Sure, I knew in the back of my mind what might happen, and despite my usual apprehension, I was ok with it. In fact, I found myself actually wanting it. Ashleigh was cool in my book. If she just wanted my company walking home, that was cool, too.

    We reached her apartment rather quickly. It had only been about 6 blocks east of the bar. “So I suppose you expect me to invite you in? I did let you get me drunk and all,” she said with a bit of a furrowed brow.

    “Not at all!” I said. Granted at this point I was a bit disappointed, but I’m not the type of guy to push the issue. “It was fun talking to you tonight! Hopefully I’ll see you next time we play there.” I waved and turned to walk away. Damn!

    “Now wait a fucking minute, mister!” I felt a hand come down on my shoulder. I spun back around and looked at her. “I didn’t say I didn’t want you to come in!” She suddenly kissed me, and I felt her rub my crotch. “Now come on in, damnit!”

    I found myself being led inside. Her apartment was up on the 3rd floor, but I haven’t the slightest memory of actually walking up the stairs. It was just a blur, compliments of the alcohol. What I do remember, though, is that the moment we got inside that door, clothes started flying off. She pressed me up against the wall and we both tore our shirts off. She was wearing a red bra, and I’d fancy a guess that her cup size was somewhere around a 38c. But I didn’t have time to ponder the accuracy of my guess, nor did I really have a desire to. She began kissing my chest and running her soft hands all over my upper body. Am I really doing this? I thought. I quickly shrugged off my insecurities and just let it happen.

    She kissed her way down my chest and stomach, as I still leaned up against the wall just inside her doorway. She unlatched my belt and undid my fly. My grey boxers had a wet spot on them from the precum I was already excreting. She set my cock free, and it hung there in front of her. She looked up at me and smiled. Grabbing my cock in her hand, she licked her lips and guided it into her mouth. Now I’m not huge, but at a solid 7 inches, I’m not tiny either. And I tell ya, Ashleigh swallowed me down all the way to the base of my cock. And it felt GOOD. Her tongue flicked at my head as she sucked on me, and I let out a sigh from the pleasure it gave me. I reached down and ran my fingers through her silky hair, cupping the back of her head for a moment as she went down on me.

    “God, Ashleigh. I haven’t had a blowjob in years. This feels so good.” She looked up at me and smiled at me as she worked me with her hand for a moment.

    “Well then, I’d better make this good!” she replied. She lowered her head beneath my dick and took my balls in her mouth as she pumped my solid cock with her hand. It felt amazing. She swapped back to sucking my cock, and she gently massaged my balls with her hand.

    “I’m gonna cum, Ashleigh!” I soon warned her. She just closed her lips tight around me and made an “Mmm” sound as her deep blue eyes looked up at me. The vibration of that was enough to send me over and I came in her mouth. She used her hands to milk out every last drop I had, as she sucked at the tip of my cock. And I tell ya, she swallowed every last bit of it. I allowed myself to slide down the wall and sit on the floor. I was so relaxed now.

    Ashleigh, on the other hand, stood up. She undid her pants and slid them off. She paraded around for a moment in just her underwear, dancing and smiling in front of me. She unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. “Stay right where you are,” she ordered. “Its my turn.” She reached downwards and touched herself underneath her ruby colored panties. She moaned a little, and then brought her hand up to her mouth and tasted herself. I licked my chops out and she slid her panties off. She had a gorgeous pussy! She had herself cleaned up into a nice Brazilian, and her beautiful pussy lips were already glistening in the light from her wetness.

    I leaned my head back against the wall and she walked herself up to me. She positioned herself right in front of me, bending her knees just enough that her pussy was directly in front of my face. She smelled so sweet that I became lost in it. I reached behind her and grabbing her ass, pulled her tight against my mouth. I took a nice long suck on her clit and she screamed out in ecstasy. My hand shifted to massage her perineum region, and my thumb found its way inside her pussy. As I continued to kiss, suck, and flick around her pussy, she began moan loudly. I looked up for a brief moment to see her fondling her breasts above me. I began to tongue-fuck her, and she went into an orgasm. She became even wetter and I just lapped up her juices. They tasted so good.

    I grabbed her hips and flipped her around so that she was now leaning against the wall. I repositioned myself and began to work her clit with my mouth again. I inserted two fingers inside her and worked her g-spot. She was so moist, my fingers felt like they were swimming! She clearly loved this, and I loved doing it to her. It didn’t take long for her to reach another orgasm. I buried my face in her crotch and drank her in. I just couldn’t get enough of her!

    Then she did something unexpected. She grabbed me by my ear. You know…like you always see those teachers take the students by the ear in the movies when the kids in trouble? “Oww!” I cried.

    “Shut up,” she said. She led me, with me forced to crawl on my hands and knees, to her bedroom. I’d never been with anyone who did anything like this before! I was excited, as I realized she was taking control of things. “I’m glad you came from your blowjob, Allen. Now you should last longer during the really good time.” She grinned devilishly at me. “Now, get on the damn bed. You’re gonna fuck me until I tell you to stop.”

    “Yes, ma’am!” I replied eagerly. She finally let go of my ear and I crawled up on the bed. I laid there on my back, as she ripped off my pants, which somehow hadn’t fully come off earlier. I was still a little limp after cumming earlier, so she sucked on me again until I was hard enough to penetrate her. She crawled on top of me in the cowgirl position. She reached below herself and grabbed my hard cock and guided it into her dripping pussy. Her warmth felt amazing, and while I slid in so easily with her being so wet, I could still feel her incredible tightness. She clenched her muscles around my cock as I slowly pumped into her. She put one hand on my chest to brace herself as she bounced atop me, and worked her clitoris with the other. She reached her apex and literally screamed. It kinda actually caught me by surprised and I was worried that I had hurt her somehow. But she relaxed and just smiled, so I knew all was still kosher.

    She told me to get on my knees and lean back some, so I did. She got up and turned around, and positioned herself face down, almost like she was gonna do a pushup. Except, she spread her legs and slid back so that her legs were straddled behind me. I’d never heard of this position before, let alone had done it. But in any case, she seemed to know what she was doing. She lowered herself down, and arched her back a little. I guided myself into her and began to pump away. It was a new sensation for me and I liked it. I slapped her ass a couple of times since it was right in front of me, and you could tell it turned her on, as she began to move with me quicker.

    After she came again, we tried out a couple more positions that were relatively new to me, but we finished off with good old face to face missionary. As I furiously pumped away at her, I sucked at her breasts, and caressed her body. At one point, she grabbed my head and forced me to look her in her eyes as she came again. It was absolutely exhilarating. “Are you close, Allen?” she asked me. I nodded as best as I could as I pounded her pussy. “Cum on my tits, please!” she said. I smiled and nodded again. As I reached the point where I knew I wouldn’t last but a moment longer, I pulled out, slid up to where my dick was above her breasts, and began yanking myself to completion. “Oh yes, baby!” she said as I released my load on her gorgeous tits. She rubbed my cum all over her breasts, and then licked her fingers clean.
  2. NottsBound

    NottsBound Well-Known Member

    May 29, 2010
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    I rolled over and collapsed next to her. “That was amazing, Ashleigh!”

    “Indeed I was! You were damned near awesome, yourself!” she said with a laugh.

    We were both tired, and we ended up sleeping there till morning. She got up around 6 to get ready for work, but first we had a quickie in the shower. I got myself dressed afterwards, and took off so she could get finish getting ready. Speaking of getting ready, I’ve gotta run. I’m supposed to go pick her up in half an hour!
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