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    Alright, let me explain what happened today.

    I woke up this morning, per usual, to check my e-mail. I didn't get anything in the Inbox and I decided to peruse my Junk Mail because, sometimes, I'll get an occasional message therein. A gentleman named Neal hailing from Louisville sent me a message the other day introducing himself; I returned the favor, asking more about him. Though his second reply only stated his whereabouts and how he desires new friends, he ended the note with, "I hope the $100 will help you out."

    It was still early in the a.m. for me and I didn't quite get the gist until I realized that I did put a [link=]Paypal[/link] link on my diary for anyone who wanted to slide a few bucks my way...

    He most certainly did, one hundred of them!

    I sent him a note of appreciation this morning, and I would like to restate my appreciation for his generosity. I talked about it to a few people at work this morning, and even now, I'm totally floored that a complete stranger extended some kindness my way just because I wrote about it. And Neal, if you happen to lurk about the LPSG, I just thought I would reiterate my thanks once more.

    Take care!
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    sammygirly: Wow Dee! Seriously.

    Nice to know that there are still some decent people in the world and that good deeds are not a lost art.
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