Need advice regarding dating/hooking up.

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    Hi all, not usually a topic starter on here but I've been wanting more out of my life lately, and as I am not entirely out, it's hard to do so. Everyone knows I'm gay, but I have a hard time talking about except with my two aunts. (I can be rather shy at times lol, but once I'm comfortable I'm OUT there lol)

    I'm 21 and still unemployed. I lived in a rural area and after job hunting for almost a year, i was forced to try looking in the city. So now I live with my grandparents (gah!) and have been looking for the last 7-8 months. Job hunting has been hard, but I've yet to give up. Considering I lack a job, of course I have no transportation except for my grandparents...which sucks.

    No job, no car, and no place of my do I get around to dating and that kind of stuff without them asking questions about someone picking me up and stuff like that? I've always been kept to myself so I embarrass and fluster easily and I don't want to have to explain that a guy (date or otherwise) is picking me up so we can go fool around or something lol...(of course i would never say that,

    I've also looked around to try to find someone to be with, romantically or physically and it is really hard. I'm 6' 180lbs. I am not fat, but I'm not fit. During my childhood I put on quite a bit of weight quickly and then hit a growth spurt quickly which caused me to lose it, and again I went up from being inside all the time (rural area, no real friends to go hang out with) I've suffered from a few stretch marks.. Looks are such a major thing with hook ups, and it's bad enough I can't travel to them, or have them come here...It makes me crazy.

    I dont currently have control of the food made around here, so my diet isnt the best, but i try to watch what i put in, and i'm not the best about exercising..i know that's my fault, but it's hard to stay motivated when you're doing it alone. I don't think I'm THAT bad, but I'm self concious about it.

    And with these do you overcome that worry that you may end up driving off with some psycho? lol I've always been a bit paranoid about stuff, so HOW do you find comfort in leaving to go off with someone you've just met? I'm 21, single, horny ALL the time lol, and I want some hook ups at the very least. I would love a long term relationship, but I'll take what i can get.

    I KNOW this is long, but I would like some advice or something. Thanks<3
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