Need help with my PE Routine and ??s

Discussion in 'Penis Enlargement' started by bombardi, Jun 3, 2009.

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    i read through the entire PE Beginner stickied at the top, but i had a few questions.

    im beginning to set up my journal and set up a routine, my goals are to just make some improvements, nothing wrong with some extra polishing. i basically just want to add some length, nothing major, aswell as girth and head growth. again, pretty basic.

    which is what leads me to my question. what would probably be the most basic, but at the same time, the most effecient way to achieve these goals?

    there seems to be alot of different exercises, and i think i remember reading somewhere that alot of it is just fluff, hopefully i didnt misread it out of context. For example, the Oriental Massage, what pulling movements does it actually consist of? is it just the jerking foward/side-to-side/downward motion or that plus the other 3 exercises listed below it as well?

    if all i need to do is warm up, jelq, OM and cool down to achieve my personal goals then great.

    i also read somewhere that it is recommended not to masturbate 2-3 hours before and after the session, is this correct?

  2. Big Al

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    The basic routine should get you want you want. If after 4-6 weeks you feel you need specialization, you can adjust your routine.

    Here's how you should perform the basic routine: warm up > Jelq > OM > 1-2 stamina exercises > cool down.

    The OM is a 5 part "compound stretch". You should do all of the steps listed.

    There's a lot of opinions on that particular subject. If you can perform your workout without any issues right after masturbating, then it's not a problem.
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