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Discussion in 'The Healthy Penis' started by kellann48178, Nov 29, 2004.

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    Jun 13, 2004
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    My sister has talk to me about my nephew who is having problems cooping in school and with girls because his penis is very large.
    Have you had problems when you were younger in school ect dealing with your penis and its size please tell us your story be detailed and i will let my sister read this thanks. He is afraid to ever let anyone see it due to size. My sisier saw by accident and said it was abnormally huge
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    What situations would cause him to have to show his gentals to other people? I have never been in this situation.

    Kids are Kids. They are always cruel to their other class mates. If I was in the same situation you are in the adivce I would give is we are all different. Each one of us is not alike. The difference makes us very unique. No person should feel ashamed of any physical characterist we have. Girls can have if just as bad regarding large breast size at an early age. I do not think he should hide it or boast about it either. He needs to find his own way that is comfotable to deal with it. Teenagers have enough problems with hormal state they are going through. If i was in his situation i would use the opertunity to express and explore my perosnlity to compensate. This is good time for him to reach and be sociable and easy going. If people ask or make remarks of my penis size I would tell them thats me. If people aked me general questions about it I would smile and nod then say you know each one of is different. Just like you and me. I would try to make some polite or maybe comical satement to move onto another subject. Express strong to others that his IDENTITY is not based on his penis but on the person he is. It is good he is delaing with this at a early age now so he will be able to deal with for the rest of his life. On the other hand, teenagers are sexually active today more than ever. At the proper time I would intriduce him to the fact there r condoms made for his size. At the same time not to express it is ok for him to play around as much as adults do. I would stay in constant communication with him and make him feel confortable about talking about. If you see any signs of great drama at school over the situation and he express that he is miserable in dealing with in that enviroment. I would remove him from the enviroments so he can focus on others things much more important. If public or private school does not work you could consider home schooling him. Remind him thats he has friends that will be more than likly stick up for him and be happy too. I would liek to see more people of this forum give professional adivice that have personal experiance on this matter. More than anythign or anyone he needs to feel comfortable and closer to his fmaily regarding the situation. This means constant communication! I I strongly express that ones identy is not based of what others say. He also needs to know it is not wise to compare oneself with oneself or with others. THough many people disagree, I would e-mail the radio talk show host Dr Laura for advice. I do not agree with everything she says but she does give very logical advice.I have listened to her show for a long time and I enjoy it. This forum also express ways on clothing and personal comfort with clothing. Being a teenager he has erections more frequent and he needs to know how to deal with them in public. In class may be he can ask the teacher if he can be excused until the erection has past. Though it more than likely will not have ot be that way. Teachers and faculty are professional people and are traine din how to deal with children this time in their life. If had to inform faculty on the situation I would talk to the shcool nurse and have the nurse inform the faculty. This all sounds silly but when comes down to it it is not a problem or a freak of nature. His parents needs to be incharge of the situaiton regarding raising of their son not the shcool or classmates.

    Only way I can relate to this situations is I grew up with three sisters, mother, and a grandmother. Through out my shcool years I knew somehting about me was different than other boys. I was not able to relate to them in any way. My mother always told me I wa sidfferent and she saw the pain that I was going through. Finally when I relized that there was term and something I could comprehend I found I was gay. I was not too thrilled about it. I got constant verbal abuse about it though I never spoke or said I was gay. My body language was not all that masculine since I never had a male figure to learn from. Living in the south no idiot is going to say they are gay or find friends in school to relate to that are gay. I had no one to go to for advice. I called my mom one day and told I could no longer take it and did not want me to go to shcool any more. She told me it was ok and she understood. She removed my from school and home schooled me. I am glad that I made she made a choice like that. Since I was young my mother was responsible for my up bringing. I know now that being gay does not make my identity. I am that I am. I am not who I am because I am gay. I am like eveyrone else yet different. Yet still doe snot give any one nay right to be cruel or ugly to my character. We all were taught how to be polite and respectful.
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    I've emailed you from the baord Ann, please read it and respond because I'd like to be able to help further if possible :)
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