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    Hey all,

    I've been looking for a certain movie for years now, and since there are a lot of "experts" here, maybe I have some success asking here:

    It's a 80s-90s movie, french spoken if I'm not mistaken, could be english but pretty sure it was french spoken. So either a french or Belgian movie. Could be a Dorcel or X-Kiss movie, or something completely different

    This is what I remember:

    -Birthday party for a redhaired woman wearing a green/blue outfit. Between 30-40 years of age
    -Everyone had gifts for her. The first were normal gifts
    -Then she got a banana vibrator or dildo from her husband
    -She asks (subtitle said: ) if everyone minded her trying our that banana
    -She undresses in stages while putting the banana in

    2nd scene
    -Camera fades in from the corner of the bathroom
    -Husband and wife are having sex in the tub
    -Red/Brown colored bathroom
    -Camera fades out to the same corner as it started

    Or can someone help me find a place where they could know something like this?

    Thanks all :)
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