Never thought I'd pull a 19 yr. old

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by dazz61, Dec 17, 2008.

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    I am so glad I called in my local pub at teatime today. The young barman has only just got to know what I drink, but then again he's been working there for 3 weeks now. Yes, you've guessed it, I do find him very fit and he told me, he likes it when I go in cos I chat to him honestly!
    Wayne normally works through the day and finishes at 7. At 7 o 5, Wayne buys himself a drink tonight and comes to chat with me.
    Lots of small talk later and the conversation gets around to his preference in women. At 19, very fit with dark hair and young, I was surprised that he did'nt have a girlfriend, but he told me he did'nt want to get serious.
    I took my chance to tell him that I was a rubbish husband and must not be what women are lookin for.
    'Bingo' he told me he really likes me and enjoys my company.
    I asked him if he'd still like me, if he know what was going through my mind.
    He then pestered me to tell him what I was thinking. Now was my chance.
    I told him that I found very fit and had always wondered if a young guy would be interested in a 47 year old guy.
    Why not, I am, he replied.
    I asked him if he'd like a coffee at my place, to discuss how interesting I could be.
    I'd like to know more about you, was the reply.
    We finished are drinks and walked the short way to my house.
    I really started to feel horny and excited, that I was about to satisfy the one fantasy, that I never thought I would.
    I led Wayne into the living room and just told him that he was making me feel really horny.
    You've made me feel horny, he said.
    Do you fancy showing me how horny upstairs, I asked.
    He came over and just kissed, I just had to feel Wayne's tongue on mine.
    After a few very passionate kisses, I said, Lets go up.
    In the bedroom we stripped off, I could'nt believe my luck, Wayne's body was fantastic, beautiful dark hair running from his navel down to a mass of black pubes, with his gorgeous cock just starting to show signs of growing.
    I got on the bed and knelt up waiting for Wayne to remove his socks.
    I was trembling with excitement now as Wayne got on the bed and knelt in front of me.
    We got close enough to continue kissing, but now our cocks kept touching. I pulled him closer and pressed my cock against his, Wayne was now very turned on, and our two stiff, hard cocks pressed tightly together.
    Wayne let his cock slip between my legs, and he started riding his hot cock across my hole.
    Would you like to, I asked him.
    With that he layed me down, opened my legs and began rubbing his knob end up and down my arse. I looked down and saw Wayne's precum oozing from that great hard cock. He used his precum to lube my hole, and slowly began edging his cock inside me.
    Let me wank you, he said, whilst I fuck you.
    Was I going to argue?
    Wayne's cock finally slid deeper inside me, and he started to fuck me slowly.
    I could'nt believe that I managed to take his cock so easily.
    But fuck me he did, in and out, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.
    Wayne was sweating now as he rode my arse.
    Eventually saying, Can I cum inside you?
    Just cum, I said.
    And here it was, I could feel his cock throbbing, and then he thrust deep and stopped, whilst the first load of hot cum entered me.
    Thrusting again, Wayne shot 4 or 5 times deep inside.
    Wayne left his cock inside me and collapsed on top of me, kissing me full on the lips, whispering how much he loved that and me.
    Hearing a young guy say he loves you with his spent cock still inside you is very very horny.
    Can I suck your cock now Wayne asked.
    Of course I said, We've got all night, we can do everything!
    And we did!
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    such an unusual tip for a bartender. bet he'll be pouring heavy drinks for you next time you stop in at the pub.
  3. B_jeffrey123

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    May 4, 2008
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    charlotte nc
    Ahh,a young man is the best company on a cold night!!!!
  4. rick_strokes8

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    Jul 17, 2013
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