Neverland Friday: Cap n' Crunch In A Glass Coffin

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    The late King Ludwig of Bavaria, to which Michael Jackson shares more than a few personality traits with, would have been envious of the funeral plans in store for the King of Pop. On Thursday night a huge entourage of 30 cars is going up the freeway from Los Angeles, past Santa Barbara and through the tunnels made famous by Dustin Hoffman in his Alfa Romeo in the movie The Graduate and into the Santa Ynez Valley. They could stop at Pea Soup Anderson's in Buellton (like my Dad always did every time we drove through there) or just press on to Never-Never-Neverland in Los Olivos

    Attention: Circus madness on the the July 4th weekend! The game plan is for the body of Michael Jackson to lie in state over this holiday weekend in a transparent glass coffin at the Neverland Ranch. Jackson is reportedly going to be dressed up as the Lord of the Admiralty Crunch (picture a sissified version of Horatio Hornblower.) This also means they must have fashioned a new nose; the old one was lost somewhere between Holmby Hills, the UCLA Medical Center and the Sikorsky Sea King (Rescue 5) ride over to the LA Coroners office. But beyond the fake proboscis, I've always thought lying in state was reserved for Presidents, world leaders and Popes. A guy singing in a falsetto and walking backward while appearing to walk forward doesn't quite reach that threshold- but that's just my opinion.

    For a few of us aviation types the center of attention will be tiny Santa Ynez airport 12 miles away and the closest fly-in airport to Neverland. The little strip only has a 2,804 runway which means Socota TBMs, Pilatus PC12s, Beech King Airs and perhaps a low gross Citation Bravo are the biggest aircraft that can be accommodated. If becomes another Graceland it will really add pressure to enlarge this fun little fly-in airport, and piss-off the Chumash Indians who's casino resort lies directly on the departure end of the runway. They are already on the warpath over noise.

    This is going to be fun! :smile:

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