new blu-ray 2.0 player coming out that can do everything HD-DVD did!!!

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    What 2.0 brings

    [​IMG] The 2.0 profile brings picture-in-picture and online functionality to Blu-ray discs; these movies will have "BD-Live" stickers on the case so you know certain features will require 2.0-compliant players. Discs that only require 1.1 profile players will be adorned with "Bonus View" stickers. Are we confused yet?
    In contrast, HD DVD has required an Internet connection and local storage from day one, and certain HD DVD movies already use picture-in-picture and online functionality for their bonus features.
    What will Blu-ray do to compete with these features? At CES, FOX Home Entertainment showed off a Blu-ray version of Aliens Vs. Predator that featured an online, multiplayer game that had you throwing virtual knives and shooting at the aliens on the screen using the remote and competing against other players remotely. Other exhibitors were showing off trivia games with a PlayStation 3 as a demo unit. In other words, vendors and Blu-ray partners already have the 2.0 profile running on the PS3, allowing them to use the PS3 controller and remote to design BD-Live titles.
    While HD DVD may have done a better job of future-proofing their players, the immaturity of the Blu-ray spec hasn't proven to be an insurmountable obstacle. At CES, the Blu-ray Disc Association announced that 3.5 million Blu-ray players had been sold to date. Of those, 3 million were PlayStation 3s, the most future-proof Blu-ray player on the market. Still, this means that roughly 15 percent of the early adopters are going to be frozen out of the latest and greatest Blu-ray features with BD-Live. That's bad news for current owners of stand-alone players, but with the price of the PlayStation 3 now down to $399.99 and the format wars shaping up nicely in Blu-ray's favor, the system may actually be less expensive and more powerful than the latest-generation standalone players.
    This is quite the odd turn of events: it was assumed when the PS3 launched that the gaming system would be the Trojan horse that brought Blu-ray into the homes of the mass market. Now? The inexpensive and future-proofed Blu-ray functions of the PS3, matched with the high-quality upscaling the system brings to normal DVDs, may be the Trojan horse bringing gaming to home theater enthusiasts.
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